Dallas, TX

Cyber Intelligence Analyst USA

Cyberint is a leading Cybersecurity company that fuses Threat Intelligence with Attack Surface Management, providing organizations with unmatched visibility into their external risk exposure. Continuous, automated, and supported by top-notch expert analysts, Cyberint is the top choice for global customers, including Fortune 500 leaders across all major industries, for battling over 60 different types of use cases such as phishing, fraud, ransomware, brand abuse, and data leaks.

We are looking for a professional Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (preferably Spanish speaking) to join our Cyber Threat Intelligence & Research team!

If you are passionate about making a difference in the world of cybersecurity and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, apply now!


  • Learning the customer needs and PIRs, configuring their tailored environments in Cyberint’s intelligence platform and supporting the customers with tuning/training throughout engagement
  • Monitoring and analyzing threats targeting customers, or issues in their digital exposure, in order to produce actionable intelligence alerts and reports
  • Investigating intelligence sources, threat actors, attack tools and techniques 
  • Identifying and developing Cyberint’s data sources to collect the most relevant intelligence (darknet, forums, social media, marketplaces, etc.) as well as creating and maintaining avatars on these
  • Developing the proprietary intelligence platform by surfacing new modules, capabilities and features 
  • Joining meetings with prospects and clients to present deliverables
  • Drive cooperation & feedback loops with other Cyberint teams


  • 1-2 years experience with intelligence analysis processes (army included), including Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Web Intelligence (WEBINT) gathering, link analysis, and threat actor profiling 
  • Inherent passion for Infosec and service excellence, understanding of cybersecurity 
  • Investigative and analytical problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of analytical tools, including excel
  • A team player who is eager to learn new methods and develop themselves and their team  
  • Excellent English speaking, reading, and writing – Must


  • Excellent Spanish speaking, reading, and writing – major (major!) advantage
  • Infosec certifications an advantage
  • Customer facing background an advantage


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