Cyber Intelligence Analyst – Philippines

Manila, PH · Cyber Security Services

As part of facing the most advanced and complicated challenges in the Cybersecurity field, the Cyber Intelligence Analyst main role is to combine both cutting edge technology and most advanced methodology to manage end-to-end Cyberint’s leading customers. 

The Cyber Intelligence Analyst learns the customers’ needs and KPI’s, configures their tailored environments in Cyberint’s Intelligence platform and supports the customers with ongoing intelligence alerts, investigations and reports.

In addition, the Cyber Intelligence Analyst is involved with the platform’s development by suggesting new capabilities and modules and supporting the company sales efforts.


• Managing, monitoring and analyzing customer’s KPIs using Cyberint’s unique intelligence platform

• Producing customer’s actionable intelligence alerts and reports

• Investigating intelligence sources, threat actors, attack tools and techniques 

• Identifying and developing the company data sources to collect the most relevant intelligence (dark-net, forums, social media, market places and more)

• Supporting the sales effort with conducting ad-hoc findings reports and POC processes

• Developing the proprietary intelligence platform by surfacing new modules, capabilities and features  


• 2 years of experience with Cybersecurity; deep understanding of the different past and current attack methods tools and techniques. 

• 2-5 years of experience with intelligence analysis processes.

• Strong background of WEBINT, OSINT and HUMINT gathering, source verification, data fusion, and intelligence analysis.

• Deep knowledge with online data sources (dark-net, forums, social media, deep web, market places and more)

• Customer facing background 

• A team player who is eager to learn new methods and develop himself and his team


Language proficiency in additional languages is preferred but not limited to either Spanish, Chinese and French