Cyber Expertise Across Industries

Next-generation security for a range of industries

We serve some of the top retail, finance, media and gaming organizations around the world and have developed a deep understanding of the threats, needs, and behaviors particular to each industry.

Financial Services

Enabling the trusted services of financial institutions, banks, insurance, and FinTech companies with proactive detection and mitigation of imminent threats across their digital environments.

Retail & eCommerce

Cyberint deeply understands your consumers’ digital journey to purchase, and works to protect their data across all channels, touchpoints, and third-party systems, enabling diligent protection from fraud and account takeover — even during holiday seasons.

Media & Gaming

The sensitive data media & entertainment companies hold and their value to threat actors place your IP and people as prime targets. Cyberint empowers leading gaming companies worldwide with highly secured platforms your players can trust.


Vulnerabilities in a typical healthcare institution system are exploited to perform Ransomware and other common attacks. Cyberint leverages measures to handle leaked information, monitors your digital assets continuously to minimize exposure and employs advanced solutions that provide indications on phishing sites and help take them down.

Digital Enterprises

Recognizing the complexity of transformation, Cyberint proactively protects the organization across your hybrid IT during and post-transformation. Cyberint provides full visibility of the threats and weaknesses in the digital and cloud environments and mitigates them for you.

Beyond Digital Risk Protection

tailored with human expertise, turning intelligence into proactive cyber defense to better protect your business.

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