Digital Risk Protection Services

Flexible and aligned with your changing needs

Digital Risk Protection Service Program

Cyberint offers a Digital Risk Protection service program providing access to both Argos Edge™ and a team of domain-experts that live and breathe cyber intelligence, thus taking your CTI program to the next level. Our service program includes day-to-day interaction with a dedicated Cyberint analyst who becomes a part of your team and develops first-hand familiarity with your unique business needs. Our analyst provides you with the critical element to threat intelligence – the human touch. Your dedicated analyst will perform activities such as research, investigation, and, where required – Virtual Humint – a live interaction with threat actors to extract quality intelligence and enable the most effective mitigation of identified cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence Monitoring

The global shortage in skilled cybersecurity experts, and the need of professional services focused at identification, investigation and mitigation of cyber threats, while continuously processing and analyzing an overwhelming amount of data and alerts, that require contextualization and vetting by a skilled cyber threat analyst.

Virtual Humint

Cyberint’s intelligence analysts proactively engage with threat actors on their own turf in order to gather additional information as part of deep dive investigations and provide you with the context required to mitigate a threat in the most effective way. 

Strategic Cyber

Cyberint’s research team analyzes vast amounts of data and creates strategic threat intelligence and security advisory reports. Their insights allow decision makers to identify meaningful trends and gain a wider perspective. Our advisories include periodical cyber threat summary, sectorspecific analysis, threat actor profiling, TTP’s analysisad-hoc reviews, and more. 

Attack Simulation
Offensive Cybersecurity

Penetration Testing and end-to-end red/purple team exercises. 

Proactively testing applications and infrastructure’s resilience to cyberattacks, to identify weaknesses and loopholes in your security posture 

Cybersecurity Program Assessment

Identify your inherent risk profile and risk appetite. Verify your cybersecurity maturity level alignment to your risk profile. Respond by adapting and evolving your cybersecurity program with the most effective enhancement activities based on industry benchmarks and analytics, to achieve a defensible cybersecurity program.