Strategic Cyber

Understanding the big Threat Landscape picture

Strategic Threat Intelligence

Cyberint’s research team continuously analyzes threat data and creates strategic threat intelligence and security advisory reports that allow decision makers to identify meaningful trends and gain a wider perspective.

The reports can be used for the formulation of strategy, policy, and longer-term decision-making. They are created by analysts or researchers with both an understanding of cybersecurity as well as broader geopolitics.

Threat Landscape Reports

While targeted intelligence is key and actionable, strategically it is also important to get a more comprehensive view of the cyber threat landscape of a specific vertical \ geography. The report serves as an overview of the current situation as applicable to the industry the organization operates in.

Such reports include the different threat actors involved, notable attacks and campaigns, as well as topics to be considered as part of the organization’s overall strategy.

Threat Actor Profiling

On an ongoing basis Cyberint researches analysis the collected intelligence over time in order to provide strategic report that specific threat actor and threat group profiling.

The analysis includes review of the threat actors place of operations, targeted countries or verticals, tools in use and example of operations identified to be associated with those groups

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