Threat Intelligence

Bespoke cyber intelligence services that fits your needs

Augmenting Your Team with Expert Capabilities

The global shortage in skilled cybersecurity experts, and the need for manpower capable of conducting focused identification, investigation and mitigation of cyber threats leads to the need in usage for external professional threat intelligence monitoring services.

Such monitoring includes continuously processing and analyzing an overwhelming amount of data and alerts which are being consistently contextualized and vetted by Cyberint’s skilled cyber threat analysts.

Cyberint’s Analysts Teams

Cyberint’s analysts are specialized in threat intelligence investigation, understanding the capabilities of the Argos™ platform and are experts in translating this information into actionable insights that  protect your business.

Our team of analysts provides the critical touch – a human element to Threat Intelligence when it comes to research, investigation, and threat intelligence operations.

The analysts review all raw intelligence items collected by Argos™, and identify potential risks derived from them.

Unparalleled Understanding of Your Business Challenges

The analysts are working in industry-specific teams thus gaining the understanding of the customer’s business needs alongside the potential threats presented by hackers and fraudsters within that specific industry.

Knowledge sharing between the team member on threat actors, campaigns, and tactics shorten the time disseminate actionable intelligence.

Languages Expertise

Although your business and your customers might be focused in a certain region or country, the threat actors targeting your business might come from anywhere around the globe. Cyberint’s analysts  can process data in more than 15 different languages.

Our language experts understand not only the language the threat actors use for communication, but also their lingo which is used within their domain. This enables us to better track their actions, and intentions,  and deepens our intelligence gathering capabilities.