Virtual Humint

Intelligence operations that secure your business

What is Virtual Humint?

Cyberint’s analysts proactively engage with threat actors on underground channels in order to gather additional information as part of deep dive investigations, and provide the context required to mitigate a threat in the most effective way.

Cyber Intelligence Operations – Virtual Humint Value

Cyberint analysts identify threats that are imminent and real. By proactively engaging with the threat actor, analysts deepen their understanding of the vectors that are behind the threat itself, the threat actor’s motivation, the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) in use, 3rd party vendors involved, and other crucial factors, that shed light on the 5H+W questions.

Virtual Humint allows intelligence items to be investigated further and correlates the additional data with a specific threat in focus.

Interacting with a Threat Actor – Cyber Intelligence Operations

In some cases, threat actors offer information or tools for sale in dark marketplaces, creating increasing risk to the organization.

Cyberint team can engage in intelligence operation and to communicate with the Threat Actors in their communication channels, in order to discover additional details of the way in which they obtained the threatening information. The interaction allows in some cases to reveal the threat actor identity and provide the information to law enforcement agencies

Identify and measure cyber security risk within your supply chain