Detection & Response

Leveraging threat intelligence suite, threat hunting
and threat mitigation and response services

Threat Intelligence

Managed Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence Suite

Real-time monitoring of threats in the deep, dark and open web such as phishing and malware campaigns, brute-force and credential stuffing threats, data leakage, including personal identifiable information (PII), and fraudulent activity

Forensics Canvas & Virtual Humint

Leveraging our proprietary technology combined with cyber intelligence experts, we deliver in-depth forensics with context on imminent threats, threat actor profiles, attack vectors, and reduce false positives by 90% to near zero

Cyber Research

Investigating adversary tradecraft, malware, threat actors tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). Focusing on real-time triage, analysis and enrichment, we design custom detections and automated playbooks leveraged in proactive threat hunting, mitigation and incident containment

Reporting & Threat Mitigation

Delivering step by step reporting and recommendations as well as execute mitigation activities, such as take downs to eliminate the threat on behalf of your organization

Digital Risk

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My Digital Presence

Self-automated digital footprint discovery and ongoing monitoring of organizations’ cloud and external-facing assets. MDP reports provide time-based trending insights into your digital presence and step by step recommendations to reduce your digital attack surface

Self-Discovery & Monitoring

Highlighting related threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. Providing cyber scoring, and visibility into assets with severity-based prioritization of issues to address in self-generated reports.

3rd Party Cyberscore

Continuous assessment and scoring of your partners’ and vendors’ security posture via non-intrusive collection. The system automatically scores your partners’ and vendors’ cybersecurity posture allowing you to understand the potential risk they pose to your own assets and data.
The Cyberscore reports empower business & operational decisions, such as M&A, supply chain negotiations, and compliance

Intelligence-led Professional Services

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Attack Simulation

Penetration Testing and end-to-end red/purple team exercises.
Testing applications and infrastructure’s resilience to cyberattacks, to identify weaknesses and loopholes in your security posture

Cybersecurity Program

Identify your inherent risk profile and risk appetite. Verify your cybersecurity maturity level alignment to your risk profile. Respond with adapting and evolving your cybersecurity program with the most effective enhancement activities based on industry benchmarks and analytics

Technology behind the scenes

Automation & self-discovery

Automated crawling of the open, deep and dark web.
Self-discovery of your digital presence, cloud assets, and 3rd party partners.

Machine learning & AI

AI algorithms defining severity of indicators. Machine learning based prioritization. Cyberint experts continuously ‘teach the machine’ to focus mitigation.

Real time context & visibility

Real time triage, enrichment, and correlation. Deep dive research of specific threats.
Threat actor profiling, exploited vulnerabilities, and TTPs.