Addressing a variety of business cases
to enhance your cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyberint ArgosTM platform alongside Threat Intelligence services provide broad coverage to many use cases that threatens the business.

By analyzing 1000s of sources Cyberint can provide an effective early warning allowing the organization to focus on its business.

Digital Risk Surface Monitoring

Identifying and continuously monitor exposure of your cloud and external-facing assetsensures visibility into assets with severity-based prioritization of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

Brand Protection

Companies invest heavily in creating winning brands, while threat actors are looking to abuse brands’ digital footprint for their own nefarious activities. Cyberint safeguards all facets of your online assets addressing social media impersonation, brand abuse, fake mobile apps, & intellectual property defacement. 

Phishing Detection & Take Down

Phishing is one of the main techniques used by threat actors to obtain relevant data to orchestrate campaigns targeting your customers, employees, and brand. We use a unique combination of proprietary technology and intelligence to continuously monitor and detect phishing attempts that are targeting your organization. 

3rd Party Cyber Risk

3rd Party risks are becoming known as the weakest link in the security chain. Cyber threat actors are exploiting the trust that organizations put on their suppliers to bypass their targets’ defenses, and the often lower level of control that suppliers have. This “High Trust- Low Control” combination creates a preferred venue for attackers. 


Direct revenue loss, reputation brand damage and manipulation of internal processes caused by fraudulent activities are a common concern for B2C organizations. We help brands uncover threat actors’ methodology of carding, coupon fraud, cash out, gift-card fraud and more. 

Data Leakage Detection

Your executives are a lucrative target for threat actors targeting your business. Argos™ monitors the surface, deep and dark web for leaked credentials, PII and internal information disclosure to prevent fines, customer churn and data breach.