3rd Party Cyber Risk

Identify and measure cyber security risk within your supply chain

Vendor Risk Management

Businesses are increasingly relying on external vendors and 3rd party suppliers as part of their ongoing business. As such, when seeking to protect from cyberattacks, it is not enough to only secure your business internally. If your supply chain’s systems are compromised, they can be used to enter your own organization.

Supply chains are overwhelmingly large and monitoring them on a continuous basis can be a challenge.

Cyber Scoring

Cyberint’s Vendor Risk Management provides your organization with a tool that automatically monitors the level of resilience of your supply chain partners and vendors and provides a score to their security posture.

It offers a continuous monitoring of the organization’s 3rd party vendors’ cyber posture to ensure the ability to demand better security hygiene practices from your 3rd party partners as well as the visibility into how your partners may expose you to threats and incidents.

Vendor Risk Management Features

Cyberint’s scoring includes continuous scanning which runs on a daily/weekly basis covering 10 categories each evaluated according to severity, level of significance and frequency of occurrences.

Every event the system assesses is evaluated according to severity, level of significance and frequency of occurrences.  The output of the scan and analysis is provided in an easy-to-read report.

Business Positive Impact

Security cost reduction – Significant reduction in vendor onboarding and evaluation costs, platform automation reduces 90% of manual assessment.

Simple scoring of 3rd party partners – Direct impact on security posture negotiations with suppliers.

Argos™ track the history of your reports, highlight trends in your industry, and compare your assessment to other companies in your industry .