Digital Risk
Surface Monitoring

Digital footprint discovery and ongoing monitoring
of cloud and external facing assets

Domain and Subdomain Hijacking

Third party cloud services are an extremely common turnkey solution, used by many organizations, big and small. The configuration is simple: use the cloud service to create the resource you desire and then redirect clients from your subdomain to the third-party cloud service, using records such as CNAME or DNAME.

Abandoned domains or subdomains occur when an organization stops using a cloud service and doesn’t remove or update the DNS records pointing to them. Additionally, organizations may forget to re-register domain names allowing them to be purchased by anyone.

Exposed Cloud Storage

With many benefits of storing your data in the cloud, comes great responsibility to keep it secured. externally exposed business-critical or private data is a desirable attack vector by cybercriminals.

Exposed cloud storage accounts are the result of a misconfiguration in the access control rules, leading to security issues such as unrestricted listing, web resource infection or ransom demand.