Phishing Detection
& Take Down

Effective and swift proactive measures against phishing

Taking the Phishing Problem Off your Hands

Acting upon phishing alerts involves multiple activities, from verifying false positives to site takedowns, sometimes involving authorities. These efforts are costly and labor-intensive. Prioritizing phishing threats based on the risk they present to your business is based on the threat actors’ motivation and capabilities.

Identifying Phishing Tool Kits

Argos™ detected a Phishing campaign targeting a specific organization. Further analysis showed that the infrastructure was set up by a threat actor named “x0r1a” which had been seen conducting other malicious activities in the wild previously including phishing attacks to gather and dispatch credentials.

Argos™ detected multiple active phishing sites that were set up using this phishing kit on compromised servers.

Phishing & Impersonating Site Detection

In another case a threat actor had initiated a campaign against a digital media client by copying their site’s code and creating a fake site for their own nefarious purposes.

Leveraging our proprietary technology, Argos™ alerted the client to the existence of the cloned sites allowing swift remediation.

Phishing Sites Take Downs

By proactively taking down the copycat sites Cyberint helped prevent account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage and user data compromise.