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Digital footprint discovery and ongoing monitoring of cloud and external facing assets

Innovative Digital Footprint Defense

An endless number of potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities exist today that leave organizations and systems inadvertently exposed to the outside world. This makes it easy for threat actors to penetrate, leading to attacks against the organization, its data or customers. The ever-evolving digital footprint and the distributed nature of organizations makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of these exposures.

By continuously scanning for new assets belonging to the organization and any relevant exposure, Argos Edge™ helps organizations mitigate exposure before it is exploited.

How Cyberint Monitors Your Digital Footprint

Continuously Monitor Current Digital Assets
Uncover known and unknown assets and access points, including Shadow and Forgotten IT. Prioritize threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses according to their severity.
Ongoing Automated Discovery of New Assets
Identify and automatically verify assets and vet them to minimize false positives. Scan existing assets in your digital presence for security issues and use them to validate the next iteration of asset discovery.
Identify Vulnerabilities
Get the latest insights into your digital presence posture with step-by-step recommendations to reduce your digital attack surface.

Map Your Organization’s Attack Surface

Exposed Web Interfaces

Hijackable Subdomains

Website Vulnerabilities

Exposed Cloud Storage

Exploitable Ports

Mail Servers in Blacklist

Server Connected to Botnet

Email Security Issues

Certificate Authority Issues

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With Cyberint, I have a level of assurance and trust that they are always there for me. The feeling that they always have my back is invaluable has given me the confidence that we have enough visibility and can be proactive in dealing with different cyberthreats.

Mark Frogoso
Bank of the Philippine Islands

Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately 

Bank Of Philippines
Ramon Jocson
Bank of the Philippine Islands
SIGNA Sports United

With Cyberint, our team is able to act efficiently on alerts. We are confident the information we receive is validated and enriched to paint a clear picture of our attack surface, a vital aspect of our threat intelligence program. We’ve also managed to heighten visibility to our executive team!

Signa Sports United
Thomas Neumann
Group CTO
SIGNA Sports United

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