Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Prevent threat actors cashing in on vulnerabilities

Protect your customer’s financial data across all touchpoints, monitor and defend against business executive targeting, compromised credit cards, ATM hacking. Prevent phishing, fraud, brand abuse, and remote compromise of your data, operations, and processes.

$ 5.72 M
Avg. cost of damages for a breach in the financial industry
22 %
Increase in phishing attacks
50 %
of all phishing attacks target the financial industry
151 %
Increase in ransomware attacks

Why Financial Organizations Choose Cyberint

Protect financial and banking data across all touchpoints in real time

Continuously monitor your most pressing threats, such as business executive targeting, payment card exposure or generation, ATM targeting, phishing, brand abuse or remote compromise of their data, operations and processes.

Safeguard all facets of your online presence

Collect intelligence from a broad set of open sources and analyze potential threats using a combination of automated and manual techniques. Identify the threat actors involved and mitigate their attacks.

Mitigate and prevent fraud to reduce monetary loss

Detect details of stolen customer credit cards, including credit card numbers, CVVs and expiration dates, together with the personal details of the cardholders on various deep and dark web forums. Block cards proactively to prevent their malicious use.

How Cyberint Helps Prevent Phishing Attacks

Cover every BFSI use case with the ultimate external risk visibility and mitigation platform

Cyberint uses various methods to identify potential phishing attacks and ensure end-to-end coverage, detection and protection from phishing attempts.

Informed Risk Management


Stolen customer credit card numbers, CVVs and PII are exposed on deep and dark web forums every day, leading to financial fraud, extortion, and more.
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Phishing attacks pose risks of account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage and user data compromise, as well as significant reputation damage to even the most well-established financial organizations.
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Brand Abuse

Your brand is the image your customers have of your business. It is precisely what makes your brand such a valuable asset. But the digitization of financial brands has introduced new risks.
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Malicious files designed to target your customers and organizations to destroy data and steal information are getting easier to implement for even the most non-technical attackers. Sometimes they can even bypass company business logic as well.
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Attackers identify and exploit vulnerabilities, even moving laterally across your network to evade detection for months and discover your financial organization’s most valuable data.
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Insights On Breaches & Attacks

Stolen Data

PII data of millions of customers, confidential files, and even private access tokens of employees are continually leaked on the dark web. Unless removed, they continue to pose a threat to your financial organization and brand.
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Cyber security executive, A leading Financial Services company

“Cyberint’s all-in-one dashboard provides threat intel information in a single system including the insights on our security posture and the performance of the team.”

Bank Leumi, a leading Israeli bank

“With Cyberint we know that we’re in safe hands. The Argos Edge platform provides us with very targeted and accurate alerts to stop cyber-attacks. We also utilize Cyberint’s expert analyst team to help augment our Intelligence needs.”

Benjamin Bachmann, Head of Information Security Ströer

“In the POV we realized that Cyberint was much more than an EASM solution, it delivered much value with highly relevant intelligence from the deep and dark web.”

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