Impactful intelligence for Manufacturers

Cyberint delivers highly focused intelligence sourced from exclusive sources in the open, deep, and dark web supplemented with virtual HUMINT operations for research, investigation, and engagement with threat actors such as nation-state groups and cyber crime organizations targeting the manufacturing industry.

9 Bn
Leaked credentials in Argos data lake
4.7 M$
Avg. cost of damages for a breach in the manufacturing industry
17 M
Fresh credentials harvested/month
150 K
New malware logs detected/month

Why Manufacturing Leaders Choose Cyberint

Protect your most critical known and unknown assets

Cyberint’s autonomous attack surface discovery is correlated with the relevant threat intelligence – sourced from the open and deep and dark web to create the most impactful prioritization on the right actions in order to minimize risk exposure.

Understand the threat landscape

Cyberint’s data lake contains billions of intelligence records collected from the clear, deep, and dark web. This allows cybersecurity teams to gain unparalleled visibility of emerging threats to infrastructure, intellectual property, brand and more, as well as attackers’ TTPs and motivation.

Leverage top cyber expertise

With an automation-first approach, autonomous discovery is supplemented by human expertise everywhere needed – from contextualizing OT intelligence, all the way to taking actions such as takedowns and proactively engaging with threat actors.

Investigate and protect against a wide range of threats

Informed Risk Management

Prevent theft of intellectual property

Gain access to exclusive intelligence sources sharing or selling proprietary documents such as design plans or blueprints. Monitor for CVEs most relevant to your attack surface and prioritize remediation to fortify your defense.

Protect your brand

Detect and takedown brand impersonations and counterfeit attempts. Investigate attackers targeting your brand, understand their motivation, perform deep investigations,initiate takedowns or actively engage via Cyberint’s virtual HUMINT operations.

Uncover leaked credentials and insider risks

Monitor for leaked credentials that can be used to gain initial access to your infrastructure, VIP information that can be used for credential stuffing or social engineering. Perform deep investigations, take the right actions, and actively engage via Cyberint’s virtual HUMINT operations if necessary.

Identify supply chain risks

Gain visibility into your manufacturing line’s cyber posture, correlate with clear, deep, and dark web vulnerability intelligence, and prioritize your patching cadence for maximum impact.

Gain visibility into ransomware and DDoS infrastructures

Find out how targeted you are by automatically correlating your attack surface with the most relevant intelligence from the clear, deep, and dark web. Monitor dark markets selling ransomware and DDoS subscription, tools, and knowledge. Learn who the key actors are, what their TTPs and motivations are.
Ramon Jocson, EVP Bank of the Philippine Islands

“Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This relevant information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately.” 

Ran Levi, SME Lead InnoSec

“While there are some platforms out there that may do good work, Argos proved itself as a highly efficient platform to spot whatever a CISO would like to know. Even more important is the dedicated personnel who operate smoothly and professionally.”

24/7 view, IT Services Company

“Argos Targeted Threat Intelligence platform is a user-friendly platform which provides 24/7 near real-time alerts from the open, deep and dark web.”

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