Impactful intelligence for healthcare

Protect your patients’ identity, data, and privacy. Prevent Medical identity theft, connected device tampering, phishing, data leakage, and ransomware.

184 %
Increase in healthcare breaches compared to previous years
$ 21 Bn
Estimated cost of damages from ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry
$ 10 M
Avg. cost of damages for a breach in the healthcare industry

Why Healthcare Organizations Choose Cyberint

Minimize the impact of information leakage

Get accurate and actionable threat intelligence that identifies databases such as medical records uploaded for sale to dark and deep web forums and marketplaces.

Defend against ransomware attacks

Protect open web interfaces and open ports that may have inherent vulnerabilities for malicious threat attacks to exploit, leading to heavy fines and significant harm to patients.

Preempt phishing attacks and employ takedowns

Discover and continuously scan externally facing digital assets to defend against phishing attacks and act when necessary.

Issues to protect your company from

Discover shadow vendors

Data Leakage

Ensure that any possibility of data leakage or information theft are minimized as much as possible. Healthcare providers must also ensure that they comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Medical identity theft

Hackers steal medical records and another personal information to make fraudulent claims against insurance policies, get medical services using stolen policies or for buying drugs.


Phishing attacks pose risks of account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage, user data compromise, and destroy the reputation of even the most well-established healthcare organizations.

Connected device tampering

Inherent issues of connected devices, such as hardcoded passwords, misconfigurations, outdated firmware, and design flaws, can make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Compromised communication between medical devices and servers can lead to the corruption or exposure of critical information.

Cryptojacking / Medjacking

Malicious mining of cryptocurrency, is the use of stolen computing power (CPU) to mine for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptojacking involves the infection of general purpose IT infrastructure and Medjacking refers to the infection of IT-based medical equipment.


A typical Healthcare institution system combines various types of devices and end points. As such, it may have inherent vulnerabilities, such as open ports or open web interfaces, that can be exploited to perform Ransomware and other common attacks.
Ramon Jocson, EVP Bank of the Philippine Islands

“Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This relevant information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately.” 

Ran Levi, SME Lead InnoSec

“While there are some platforms out there that may do good work, Argos proved itself as a highly efficient platform to spot whatever a CISO would like to know. Even more important is the dedicated personnel who operate smoothly and professionally.”

Thomas Neumann, Group CTO SIGNA Sports United

“With Cyberint, our team is able to act efficiently on alerts. We are confident the information we receive is validated and enriched to paint a clear picture of our attack surface, a vital aspect of our threat intelligence program. We’ve also managed to heighten visibility to our executive team!”

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