Takedowns & Remediation

Identify and Disrupt Critical Attacks

Whether you are dealing with a malicious profile or a dangerous post, the manual process of finding and taking down unwanted content is time-consuming. Cyberint automates the process by reporting it directly to the source provider for removal and providing broad takedown capabilities across the whole public attack surface.

Rapidly Remove Threats with Takedown and Remediation

Accelerate Threat Removal
Accelerate requests to ensure malicious campaigns are taken down as quickly as possible with the help of our expert and multi-disciplinary team.
Continuously Updated Risk Score
Full Transparency
Check the status of your takedowns to know what threats have been remediated – from initial request until removal.
Automated Takedown Process
Quickly identify and remove malicious or infringing content from a wide variety of websites, platforms, stores, and domain registrars.


Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown ” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Benjamin Bachmann, Head of Information Security Ströer

“In the POV we realized that Cyberint was much more than an EASM solution, it delivered much value with highly relevant intelligence from the deep and dark web.”

Ran Levi, SME Lead InnoSec

“While there are some platforms out there that may do good work, Argos proved itself as a highly efficient platform to spot whatever a CISO would like to know. Even more important is the dedicated personnel who operate smoothly and professionally.”

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