Threat Landscape Analysis

Understand the Big Picture

Continuously analyze threat data and create strategic threat intelligence and security advisory reports that allow decision makers to identify meaningful trends and gain a wider perspective. Written by analysts and researchers with a thorough understanding of cybersecurity and broader geopolitics, our threat landscape reports are used as a basis to help formulate strategy, policy, and long-range decision-making.

Identify Unknown Risks and Threats with Expert Analysis

External Chatter Monitoring
Visibility into Emerging TTPs
Gain insight into not only current tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) but also what malicious threat actors could be planning for the future so that your organization can defend against them before they attack.
Threat Actor Profiling
Achieve deeper understanding of a specific threat actor and group profiling, including the place of operations, targeted countries or verticals, tools in use and the type of operations often associated with those groups.
Understand Popular Attackware
Identify vulnerabilities, leaked credential and application-level attacks. Continuously monitor forums, marketplaces and code repositories to detect and intercept various attackware and tools shared and sold by cyber criminals.


Mark Frogoso – GCash, CISO GCash

“With Cyberint, I have a level of assurance and trust that they are always there for me. The feeling that they always have my back is invaluable and has given me the confidence that we have enough visibility and can be proactive in dealing with different cyberthreats.”

Thomas Neumann, Group CTO SIGNA Sports United

“With Cyberint, our team is able to act efficiently on alerts. We are confident the information we receive is validated and enriched to paint a clear picture of our attack surface, a vital aspect of our threat intelligence program. We’ve also managed to heighten visibility to our executive team!”

Ramon Jocson, EVP Bank of the Philippine Islands

“Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This relevant information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately.” 

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