Mitigate and Prevent Fraud to Reduce Financial Loss

With Argos Edge™, your organization can intercept communications between cybercriminals and get information about these continuously evolving fraud techniques and attempts, to thwart these attacks before they even occur.

4 X
Detection of phishing URLs
Avg. takedowns/month
2.5 Bn
IP addresses continuously scanned
99 %
Takedown success

How Cyberint Defends Your Organization Against Fraud

Identify methods that threat actors use for fraud attempts

Discover weaknesses exploited by threat actors, as well as collaborations and transactions taking place in dark web forums, marketplaces, and dedicated messenger channels.

Thwart gift card clone schemes

Expose the details of how threat actors obtained and abused gift cards and take measures to frustrate their schemes.

Avoid future attacks

Contextualize your threats with the Argos Edge™ database of entities, threat actors and attribution.
Continuously monitor your threat actor activity to ensure that no new attacks are being plotted for the future.

We Defend Against All Types of Attacks

Refund Fraud


Malicious Insider

Money Laundering

Continuously Updated Risk Score

Victim Reports


Coupon Fraud

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Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Mark Frogoso – GCash, CISO GCash

“With Cyberint, I have a level of assurance and trust that they are always there for me. The feeling that they always have my back is invaluable and has given me the confidence that we have enough visibility and can be proactive in dealing with different cyberthreats.”

Cyber security executive, Head Of IT Service A leading Retail company

“Until you use Cyberint and get the real external view they can provide you really don’t have the right understanding of who is trying to attack your organization.”

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