Ransomware Groups Report 2024 – Q1

q1 2024 ransomware report

In Q1 2024, the ransomware industry was down to 1,048 cases. See why, as well as top families and targeted sectors and countries.

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How Big is Too Big (Of a Password List)? An Analysis of the RockYou2024 Password Leak

This most recent incarnation of the “RockYou” lists, dubbed “rockyou2024.txt”, has been uploaded. But how…
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why and how to do telegram monitoring

Why and how to perform Telegram monitoring to protect your business

For threat actors, the Telegram app, which emphasizes user privacy, has become a favored hangout….
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CVE-2024-6387 - RCE Vulnerability in OpenSSH

CVE-2024-6387 – RCE Vulnerability in OpenSSH

A high-severity remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability, CVE-2024-6387, has been discovered in OpenSSH’s server
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What You Need to Know About Remcos RAT

Remcos is a form of malware presented as legitimate software, purportedly useful for surveillance and…
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b1ack stash

B1ACK’S STASH: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Free 1 Million Card Leak 

Is B1ACK STASH's 1 Million card lead real? The Cyberint team analysed the leak and…
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Deepfake Cyber Crime to Shift the Cyber Threat Landscape

Hybrid and remote work environments make employees significantly more susceptible to deepfake social engineering attacks….
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GhostLocker: The New Ransomware On The Block

A new ransomware as a service franchise has emerged named GhostLocker. Cyberint details what we…
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revolutionizing cyberint's on call operations

An Insight Into the Tech: Revolutionizing Cyberint’s On-Call Operations

At Cyberint, we’re always on the lookout for out-of-the-box solutions to enhance our operational efficiency…
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cyber threats euro 2024

The Cyber Threats Targeting the UEFA League – Euro 2024

From misconfigured DMARC records to Dark Web Chatter to Phishing Attacks, we cover the main…
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Japan Threat Landscape Report

As the fourth-largest economy worldwide, Japan stands as a pivotal center rendering its attack surface…
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How cyber risks change as financial institutions grow

How cyber risks change as financial institutions grow

Understanding how risks evolve as a financial organization grows is an important step toward optimizing…
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the silent trade: russia's sanction evasion via parallel imports

The Silent Trade: Russia’s Sanction Evasion via Parallel Imports

Discover how Russia and Russian Threat Actors evade Western sanctions through parallel imports. Discover the…
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