Ransomware Trends 2023 Report

ransomware report 2023

With Q4 2023 showing an unprecedented number of attacks, we tell you what ransomware trends you need to know and what groups you need to watch.

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The Parties and Events at RSA Conference You Don’t Want to Miss

We've detailed every event we could find below, and we've saved the best to last…
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Recent Supply Chain Attacks Examined

The Weak Link: Recent Supply Chain Attacks Examined

We examine the recent supply chain attack growth, especially in 2022/3, the evolution of TTPs,…
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east asian financial phishing campaign

Massive China-Linked ID Theft Phishing Campaign Hits Asian Finance Industry

Cyberint has been able to identify a major large-scale campaign, most likely by threat actors…
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Why Do Financial Organizations Need an External Risk Mitigation and Management Solution

Finance’s Cyber Armor: External Risk Mitigation and Management

Here's how External Risk Mitigation and Management helps tackle both direct and in direct cyber…
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ra group

The Uptick in RA Group Ransomware’s Activity

The actor is rapidly expanding its operations. RA Group opened its data leak site on…
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CL0P Ransomware: The Latest Updates

Utilizing common 'steal, encrypt and leak' tactics, victims failing to meet CL0P group ransom demands…
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cvss 4.0

CVSS 4.0 Is Here: What Security Leaders Need To Know 

To mitigate CVSS 3.1 challenges and up efficacy, a new version of CVSS is scheduled…
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ransomware report 2023

Ransomware Trends 2023 Report

With Q4 2023 showing an unprecedented number of attacks, we tell you what ransomware trends…
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David Geclowicz

A Guide to NIS 2 Requirements and How Cyberint Helps Meet Them

Here's what organizations that manage or depend on critical infrastructure need to know about NIS…
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open bullet 2

Open Bullet 2: A Tool for Credential Stuffing Attacks

Open Bullet 2 is a web testing tool, but it's become popular with hackers using…
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cryptocurrency on the underground

Cryptocurrency on the Underground 

Cryptocurrency has significantly disrupted the economic landscape. But, the market's vulnerabilities & limited oversight allowed…
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Qilin Ransomware

Qilin Ransomware: Get the 2024 Lowdown

Qilin operates as an affiliate program for Ransomware-as-a-Service, employing a Rust-based ransomware to target victims….
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