Ransomware Trends Q4 2023 Report

ransomware report 2023

With Q4 2023 showing an unprecedented number of attacks, we tell you what ransomware trends you need to know and what groups you need to watch.

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A Guide to the 2 Main Types of Retail & E-Commerce Fraud

A Guide to the 2 Main Types of Retail & E-Commerce Fraud

There are two main types of retail and eCommerce fraud today: Fraudulent sites that mimic a…
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Legal takedowns vs. cyber takedowns: What to use when

Legal Takedowns vs. Cyber Takedowns: What to Use When

Who should be in charge of takedowns – lawyers or cybersecurity teams. You need to…
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Putting CTEM Into Practice: The Five Key Steps

Continuous Threat Exposure Management, or CTEM, is a critical component of any cybersecurity strategy. But what…
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emerging threat actor tactics

From Transparency to Coercion, Emerging Threat Actor Tactics

Marked shifts in threat actor tactics are evidence of a brazen growth in confidence among…
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vulnerability management and threat intelligence

Vulnerability Management Needs Threat Intelligence: Here’s How To Combine Them 

Immediate risks are caused by CVEs in the software/services running in your external attack surface….
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holiday phishing

Why Scammers Love the Holidays, and How to Stop Holiday Phishing Risks

Cyberint has observed a 46% rise in phishing attacks over the holiday season. Cyberint detail…
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UK Phishing Attacks on the Rise

UK Phishing Report: Attacks Are on the Rise

The data about the rise of phishing attacks against businesses in the United Kingdom is…
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finding and analyzing ransomware groups in 2023

Finding and Analyzing Ransomware Groups in 2023: A Guide

In this blog our research team detail how they discover new ransomware groups, what they…
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How to act when you can't measure risk: Cyber Risk Exposure

Cyber Risk Exposure: How to Act When You Can’t Measure Risk

You can't manage what you can't measure – and unfortunately, measuring cyber risk exposure can…
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The MSSP Buyer Guide to Threat Intelligence and EASM Services

The MSSP Buyer Guide to Threat Intelligence and EASM Services 

What do MSSPs stand to gain by using a Threat Intelligence Solution and what to…
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Phishing Takedowns

Why Phishing Takedowns Can Be Hard, and How to Simplify Them

Phishing Takedowns are more challenging than many think – speed, language and volume are often…
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cvss 4.0

CVSS 4.0 Is Coming Soon: What Security Leaders Need To Know 

To mitigate CVSS 3.1 challenges and up efficacy, a new version of CVSS is scheduled…
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