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Most businesses and organizations don’t have the tools or time to keep up with escalating and increasingly sophisticated threats to their physical and digital assets. With Cyberint’s Deep Dive Investigations, you can assess and respond to these threats with the help of our highly skilled analysts to build cybersecurity analysis, threat assessments, analytic projects and deep-dive reports, all customized to your needs.

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Strategic Threat Intelligence
Identify meaningful trends to gain a wider perspective by continuously analyzing threat data. Create strategic threat intelligence and security advisory reports that provide the basis for the formulation of strategy, policy, and longer-term decision-making.

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Threat Actor Profiling
Achieve deeper understanding of a specific threat actor and group profiling, including the place of operations, targeted countries or verticals, tools in use and the type of operations often associated with those groups.

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Comprehensive Threat Landscape Reports
Gain a more comprehensive view of the cyber threat landscape with reports focused on specific verticals that deliver an overview of the current situation and its relation to your industry.

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Analysis team, IT Security and Risk Management Retail Company

“While the Argos platform is useful for finding and tracking issues and threats that we would otherwise have missed, it is the managed service from the Analysis team that provides real value in turning these findings into relevant information and alerts tailored to our business.”

24/7 view, IT Services Company

“Argos Targeted Threat Intelligence platform is a user-friendly platform which provides 24/7 near real-time alerts from the open, deep and dark web.”

Ran Levi, SME Lead InnoSec

“While there are some platforms out there that may do good work, Argos proved itself as a highly efficient platform to spot whatever a CISO would like to know. Even more important is the dedicated personnel who operate smoothly and professionally.”

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