Attack Simulation

Proactively Test Your Defenses

Combine an initial threat intelligence assessment identifying potential attack vectors specific to your organization with in-depth penetration testing that replicates the behaviors of real threat actors. Cyberint identifies threat intelligence IOCs related to your company, its online posture, footprint and the specific systems and platforms exploited.

Discover and Remediate Your Cyber Security Gaps

Penetration Testing
Simulate attack vectors with the experience and knowledge of threat actor techniques collected by Argos Edge™ and threat intelligence teams to simulate different attack vectors against the organization. Get a summary report with structured detail of audits and recommendations so that you can address issues that might potentially impact your business.
Application Penetration Testing
Detect security vulnerabilities and verify security, integrity and availability of applications, systems, APIs, mobile and infrastructure with application penetration testing. Cyberint follows OWASP Top 10 weakness testing, including: Injection, Broken Authentication, Sensitive Data Exposure, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and more. Our application penetration tests use a mixture of smart automatic and manual hacking attempts to uncover security weaknesses before they are discovered by threat actors.
Red Team Operations
Improve incident response by checking the cyber security operations of your company with the creation of a realistic attack scenario – often under the radar. We collect as much information as possible about the organization, people, technology and environment used to define the most relevant attack vectors. The results provide your organization with insights not only of the vulnerabilities and weakness in the attack surface, but also areas requiring improvement in your organization’s incident response and SOC operations.


Ran Levi, SME Lead InnoSec

“While there are some platforms out there that may do good work, Argos proved itself as a highly efficient platform to spot whatever a CISO would like to know. Even more important is the dedicated personnel who operate smoothly and professionally.”

Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Cyber security executive, Head Of IT Service A leading Retail company

“Until you use Cyberint and get the real external view they can provide you really don’t have the right understanding of who is trying to attack your organization.”

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