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Forensic Canvas is a tool that allows a deep dive into the attributes of specific entities and further investigation into all aspects of IOCs and threat actors. It does so by creating correlations and smart connections with the click of a button to get from a single entity to an entire attack infrastructure and to the attacker behind it.

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Forensic Canvas

Reveal the deeper story behind seemingly independent data points

While organizations go to great lengths to gather data to gain deeper understanding into events and indicators, in reality, most of this data will never be put to real use.
The Cyberint Argos Edge™ Forensic module gives organizations the right tools to research specific or multiple indicators of compromise (IOC) and gain visibility into their reputation, map attack infrastructure, see connections to originating assets, and even uncover and identify a person or threat actor behind a malicious campaign. With the Forensic module, organizations can transform siloed, independent data points into genuine insights, giving them the ability to make better business decisions.

Forensic Canvas

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Visually manage complex investigation

Contextualize your threats
Integrate multiple services into a unified investigation platform that support various types of sources and tools. This quick and easy visual dashboard allows analysts to quickly contextualize and understand each threat and act upon the most comprehensive information available.
Respond quickly to emerging threats
Get enhanced intelligence from multiple data sources, including threat intelligence, to proactively detect breaches and attacks. Reduce the time needed to respond to threats before they become harmful incidents.
Discover immediate connections
Expand IOCs to other known connections using a wide range of sources including newly registered domains discovery, extended WhoIs database searches, passive DNS repositories, malicious file hash repositories, and automatic discovery of social networks.

Why Customers Choose Argos Edge™

Get attack infrastructure investigation

Get metadata on all related assets to immediately understand their relevance to the current investigation. Gain deep visibility into methods, malware, entities, and their relationships for enhanced understanding.

Build a threat actor profile

Automatically gather information through threat intelligence, social media discovery, and dedicated data extractors to build a threat actor profile that includes a timeline of activities.

Collect threat details for current and future use

Classify specific attacks based on technical details, characteristics, and behaviors, assigning them to different threat actor groups and industries for future use.

With Cyberint, I have a level of assurance and trust that they are always there for me. The feeling that they always have my back is invaluable has given me the confidence that we have enough visibility and can be proactive in dealing with different cyberthreats.

Mark Frogoso
Bank of the Philippine Islands

Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately 

Bank Of Philippines
Ramon Jocson
Bank of the Philippine Islands
SIGNA Sports United

With Cyberint, our team is able to act efficiently on alerts. We are confident the information we receive is validated and enriched to paint a clear picture of our attack surface, a vital aspect of our threat intelligence program. We’ve also managed to heighten visibility to our executive team!

Signa Sports United
Thomas Neumann
Group CTO
SIGNA Sports United

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