Forensic Canvas

Visually manage complex investigation and profiling

The Need of Forensic Investigation

Forensic Canvas is a tool that allows a deep dive into the attributes of specific entities and further investigation into all aspects IOC’s and threat actors. It does so by creating correlations and smart connections with a click of a button to get from a single entity to an entire attack infrastructure and to the attacker behind it.

Collection and Enrichment

The Forensic Canvas is being used against specific or multiple IOCs and integrates multiple services into a unified investigation platform to support various types of sources and tools, including Argos Threat Intelligence, WHOIS services, Passive DNS, Social Discovery, malicious code detection, etc.

The easy usability allows analysts to quickly contextualize and understand the threat and act upon comprehensive information.

Threat Actor Profiling

Threat actor profiling allows the investigator to utilize all relevant data sources and activate dedicated data extractors to build a Threat Actor profile along with  a timeline of threat actors’ activities.