Financial Services


Your data, operations, processes, and senior executives are threat actors’ prime targets

The sensitive data, and amount of monetary transactions put the financial services market as the most attacked industry globally.
We enable trusted services of financial institutions, including banks, insurance, and FinTech with proactive detection and mitigation of imminent threats across their digital environments.


Philippines Financial Industry Threat Landscape

This threat landscape report provides an overview of the cyber threats specific to the financial
industry operating in, and out, of the Philippines as of August 2020. In addition to summarizing both
nation-state and cybercriminal threat actors operating in the region, common threats are also
summarized and include the increasingly prevalent ‘steal, encrypt and leak’ ransomware attacks as
well as malicious campaigns taking advantage of COVID-19 themes during the ongoing global pandemic.

Markets Phishing sharing platform


Inside a phishing sharing platform targeting banks

In 2019 Cyberint uncovered a phishing collaboration platform targeting multiple banks in the APAC region. The platform enabled multiple threat actors and operate in an organized manner.
Learn more of how our experts gained full access to the system and successfully uncovered and mapped the full attack ‘kill chain’.

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