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Protect your data and customer experience across all channels, touchpoints, and third-party systems

Defend against retail threats beyond the perimeter

The ever-increasing channels and touchpoints, including ecommerce sites, that retailers offer their customers – not to mention the third-party channels they partner with – make the retail industry an ideal target for cybercriminals. Cyberint works to protect your data across all channels, touchpoints, and third-party systems, enabling diligent protection from fraud and account takeover, even during busy holiday seasons. That includes ensuring your employees are working on secured web interfaces across sales channels, inventory management and commerce platforms to enable your business operations and continuity.

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Why Retail Organizations Choose Cyberint

Minimize threats to your brand reputation
Protect your entire digital presence and brand,
including your digital communication, social
media and website, from a wide range of threats.
Identify, mediate, and remediate phishing attempts
Cover a broad range of threats with a 3-pronged approach to discovery, monitoring and remediation to safeguard your retail brand against tomorrow’s threats.
Detect ransomware, compromised credentials, and data
Safeguard your data and customer experience and strengthen their trust in your brand.

Protect Your Retail Organization from a Wide Range of Threats

PII and PCI data compromise

PII and PCI data of millions of customers, employees, and even payment cards are continually leaked on the dark web. Unless removed, they continue to pose a threat to your retail organization and brand.

Account takeover

Stolen data can expose the PII data of millions of retail customers, leading to account takeover. Threat actors with access to customer account credentials can then use it to make purchases or other financial transactions.


Fraud services like unauthorized resale, refund, coupons, and carding targeting top global retailers are published on deep and dark web forums, marketplaces and sites every day.

Cloud infrastructure exposure

Cybercriminals virtually lurk around the cloud infrastructure of leading retail brands to find vulnerabilities to prepare for and execute their next cyberattack.


Phishing attacks pose risks of account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage, user data compromise, and destroy the reputation of even the most well-established retail brands.

Brand abuse & Impersonation

The impact of brand abuse includes the loss of sales, possible lawsuits, reduced product value due to fraudulent competition, and more.

PoS and online transaction compromise

Millions of payment card details are stolen in single transactions by malicious attackers using POS malware to gain unauthorized access to electronic payment systems.

Attack tools

Automated attack tools designed to target your retail business and customers are getting easier to implement for even the most non-technical attackers. Sometimes they can even bypass company business logic as well.

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