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Enabling diligent protection for IP and people

Keep sensitive data of your organization and customer out of the wrong hands

High value gamers or media stars are prime targets for threat actors with both financial and political motives. Gaming and media organizations must be able to proactively identify threats, assess their cybersecurity effectiveness, establish an effective CTI program, and mitigate threats before these malicious actors expose the data of your organization and customers.
Cyberint delivers leading gaming companies around the world with highly secured platforms your players can trust. We help protect both your IP and people, including reporters, readers, gamers and senior executives.

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Why Media and Gaming Organizations Choose Cyberint

Protect VIP player accounts and credits
Monitor hijacked subdomains to prevent malicious hackers gaining access to VIP player accounts, leading to account takeover, identity theft, and unauthorized financial transactions.
Proactively detect malicious and fraud activity
Detect details of stolen user credit cards, including credit card numbers, CVVs and expiration dates, together with the personal details of the cardholders on various deep and dark web forums. Block cards proactively to prevent their malicious use.
Deliver platforms your users can trust
Ensure your user rewards, bonus points, and tokens are safe from threat actors looking to execute attacks. Initiate takedowns to remediate attacks with a combination of automatic processes and HumanInt.

Protect Your Organization from a Wide Range of Threats

Data Leakage

PII and PCI data of millions of customers, employees, and even payment cards are continually leaked on the dark web. Unless removed, they continue to pose a threat to your media and gaming organization and brand.


Phishing attacks pose risks of account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage, user data compromise, and destroy the reputation of even the most well-established media and gaming brands.


In-game fraud, such as unauthorized coupons, resale and refund targeting top media and gaming companies are published on deep and dark web forums, marketplaces and sites every day.

Brand abuse and impersonation

The impact of brand abuse includes the loss of sales, possible lawsuits, reduced product value due to fraudulent competition, and more.

Attack tools

Automated attack tools designed to target your business and customers are getting easier to implement for even the most non-technical attackers. Sometimes they can even bypass company business logic as well.

Cloud infrastructure exposure

Cybercriminals virtually lurk around the cloud infrastructure of leading media and gaming brands to find vulnerabilities to prepare for and execute their next cyberattack.

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