Intercept emerging phishing threats before an attack is executed.

Drastically reduce response time and number of attacks. Detect malicious website clones before they go live. Request take down of phishing pages in a click of a button.

4 X
Detection of phishing URLs
Avg. takedowns/month
2.5 Bn
IP addresses continuously scanned
95 %
Takedown success

End-to-end phishing protection

Detect and analyze threats in advance

Monitor active lookalike domains and websites impersonating your brand as well as phishing kits used by threat actors. Detect attacks against employees by spotting phishing target lists, email templates used in an attack, and other exposed data. Identify these and other threats to get early warning of ongoing and emerging phishing campaigns.

Get actionable alerts

Act on alerts that can lead to the most immediate action, such as phishing websites that have not yet been launched. Integrate these structured alerts via API, SOAR or ticketing platforms to trigger the right actions.

Remediate and takedown threats

Initiate a take-down process which involves notifying the relevant providers to remove the misleading content, block domains, and update public blacklists. Get detailed reports on each detected alert, including related IOCs, screenshots and recommendations.

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End-to-end phishing coverage

Cyberint uses various methods to identify potential phishing attacks and ensure end-to-end coverage, detection and protection from phishing attempts.

Informed Risk Management

Identify typosquatting domains

Cyberint continuously monitors for similarities between your domains and the newly registered candidates to provide a level of indication of malicious intent, and alerts you of suspicious newly registered lookalike domains.
Discover shadow vendors

Phishing URL feed analysis

For third-party reputation feeds (e.g., permutations).

External chatter monitoring

Mentions of your name, domain/s, logos, and digital assets within the website source code as well as the URL – all from a pool of external and proprietary Resources that surface suspicious candidates.

Phishing Beacon

Detects phishing sites before they negatively impact your organization.
Continuously Updated Risk Score

Threat Intelligence

Cyberint’s Threat Intelligence sources aid in supplying intelligence on the trends and phishing options in the threat actor market. This includes detecting indicators of attack from dark web sources.

Mitigation and takedowns

Request a takedown in one click straight from the Argos Edge platform. Cyberint does this quickly and automatically, including all hosts.
Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Cyber security executive, A leading Financial Services company

“Cyberint’s all-in-one dashboard provides threat intel information in a single system including the insights on our security posture and the performance of the team.”

24/7 view, IT Services Company

“Argos Targeted Threat Intelligence platform is a user-friendly platform which provides 24/7 near real-time alerts from the open, deep and dark web.”

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