Virtual Humint Operations

Active Engagement with Threat Actors

Gain a valuable human element when it comes to research, investigation, and threat intelligence operations. Deepen your understanding of the vectors behind the threat itself, including the threat actor’s motivation, the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) in use, third-party vendors involved, and other crucial factors.

Virtual HumInt that Delivers Effective Mitigation

Assess veracity and imminence of threats
Deepen your understanding of the vectors behind the threat, the actor’s motivation, and TTPs in use so that you can prioritize and act accordingly.
Obtain TTPs, motivation and accomplices
Gather additional information to shed light on crucial factors related to any threat – including possibly revealing the threat actor identity and providing it to law enforcement.
Insights On Breaches & Attacks
Gather IOCs to further investigate threats
Engage in intelligence operation and communicate with threat actors in their communication channels.
Continuously Updated Risk Score
Analyze your entire threat landscape
Conduct deep dive investigations and get the context required to mitigate threats in the most effective way.


Cyber Security Team, A leading Oil & Gas company

“Argos alerts can be directly transformed into actionable controls and countermeasures, ensuring a high level of security for platforms and infrastructure.”

Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Guidance Lead, Government cyber defense unit

“With Argos, we caught a code uploaded erroneously to a paste-bin site in less than 30 mins from the moment it was uploaded.”

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