Digital Risk Protection

Be proactive, protect your business

Identify and mitigate cyber threats before they turn into a breach

Turning intelligence
into actions

Real-time visibility and continuous management of threats

Unique combination of proprietary technology and cyber experts

Best-in-class managed intelligence platform.
We help you identify emerging threats, verify your security posture, and respond effectively to reduce their impact

What’s in it for you

Reduce shadow IT security risk|
Gain visibility into your attack surface
Shorten threats’ dwell time|
Extend your team capabilities|
Reduce cybersecurity TCO

Technology and human expertise

Domain expertise

Our expert analysts and ongoing cyber research of threat actors allow you to be one step ahead with reduced TCO


Converged intelligence

Combining  intelligence across domains with your business context, enables you to manage your risk and protect what matters most

Relentless response

Our dedicated cyber experts have a personal stake. They won’t rest until threats are hunted down and 
incidents are resolved