Beyond Digital Risk Protection

Targeted Intelligence to Minimize Your Digital Risks

Unique combination of comprehensive platform and cyber experts

Best-in-class Digital Risk Protection platform, complemented with human expertise, turning intelligence into proactive cyber defense to better protect your business.

Explore our robust DRP offering

Argos Edge™ ️is your one-stop source of intelligence. Start with one of our offerings or combine several in line with your needs. Scale and grow as you wish. You have the flexibility to decide.

Cyberint Offering - DRP Platform and Expert Services

Argos Edge™ all-in-one Holistic Platform

Our SaaS based Digital Risk Protection platform provides an external attack surface monitoring, infused by Threat Intelligence from variety of sources, including Social Media, chat forums, paste bins, Deep &  Dark web and more.

Expert Services where Machine Capabilities Ends

Human involvement ranges from none to full, weaved into the offering – get the human expertise you need, when you need it. Relentless response to customer needs to solve the most complicated issues identified.

Protecting you from 75 business risks


Discovery and ongoing monitoring of cloud and external facing assets

•Exposed Web Interfaces •Hijackable Subdomains •Website Vulnerabilities •Exposed Cloud Storage •Exploitable Ports •Mail Servers in Blacklist •Server Connected to Botnet •Email Security Issues •Certificate Authority Issues


Safeguard all facets of your online presence

•Official Social Media Profile •Impersonation •Intellectual Property Infringement •Unauthorized Trading •Negative Sentiment •Fake Job Posting •Defacement


Identify leaked information and Ransomware risk

•Ransomware •Compromised PII •Compromised Access Token •Internal Information Disclosure •Malicious Insider •Compromised Payment Cards •Compromised Employee Credentials •Compromised Customer Credentials


Reducing losses due to fraudulent activities

•Refund Fraud •Carding •Coupon Fraud •Money Laundering •Victim Reports •Malicious Insider •Extortion


Identify & remediate phishing attack attempts before they impact

•Phishing •Email •Phishing Kit •Phishing Website •Lookalike Domain •Phishing Target List


Ensure ongoing and continuous visibility of threat actor’s TTP’s

•Malicious File •Reconnaissance •Automated Attack Tool •Business Logic Bypass •Target Lists

Digital Risk Protection without the complexity

A human-machine approach

Need human interaction? We are a product-led company supported by dedicated human expertise, offering a hybrid approach.

Innovation at its best

Our unique investigation tools help make the complex simple, seamlessly integrating into external SOC systems.

99% accuracy, minimal noise

Don’t get inundated with noise. We eliminate the complexity of external threat intelligence with actionable, focused, and relevant data.

Rapid ROI

Decrease investment in TI analysts by a third with Argos Edge™ and a skilled services team to uncover multiple threats that can cause monetary damage.