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Get real-time, actionable cyber intelligence

Gain insights of threats from the ever-growing list of sources, such as open, deep & dark web, chatters, social media, and more –  for faster and more informed decision-making.

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Tailored, focused data – minus the noise

Managing digital risk starts with a deep understanding of the relevant threat landscape. But the increasing complexity and the fast pace of change makes it difficult to prioritize.
Argos Edge™ meets this challenge with real-time monitoring that collects millions of intelligence indicators per day to detect thousands of threat sources. Using Cyberint’s proprietary machine learning algorithm, you can automatically correlate raw intelligence items with your organization’s assets, prioritize threats according to their potential risk and impact, and save your organization time and resources.

Threat Intelligence

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Contextualize your threat intelligence

Collect relevant items
Gather only the most relevant threat intelligence items from the ever-growing list of sources, including open, deep and dark web forums, marketplaces and sites – we’re everywhere that threat actors are.
Execute complex analysis
Apply machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to determine raw data relevancy and significance for your organization.
Present and integrate intelligence
Present targeted intelligence to your organization’s security team with the Argos Edge™ web interface. You can also integrate with external systems via web service APIs in real time.
Understand correlation
Highlight the relationship between entities to create a better image of the attack vector. Connect the dots between IOCs and prioritize the specific actions your organization needs to take.

Why Choose Argos Edge™ Threat Intelligence?

Real-time, targeted and enriched

Cyberint’s Argos Edge™ provides real-time, targeted Threat Intelligence, collected from thousands of sources, as well as operational threat intelligence collected from numerous feeds to augment that data.

Advanced, anonymous crawlers and proxies

The targeted intelligence capabilities built into Argos Edge™ rely on an array of advanced crawlers and proxies which enable data collection from thousands of relevant sources while maintaining anonymity.

Bypasses human authentication and trust mechanisms

These crawlers can automatically handle and bypass human authentication/trust mechanisms such as CAPTCHA. For special access forums and dark web sites, Cyberint’s team of analyst and researchers create and manage avatars to gain access to these sites.

Continuously evolving sources and fields

Cyberint constantly adds more feeds to its aggregation engine to provide a holistic view of the customer’s threat landscape, using all available intelligence methodologies.

With Cyberint, I have a level of assurance and trust that they are always there for me. The feeling that they always have my back is invaluable has given me the confidence that we have enough visibility and can be proactive in dealing with different cyberthreats.

Mark Frogoso
Bank of the Philippine Islands

Cyberint helps us monitor thousands of events per second. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately 

Bank Of Philippines
Ramon Jocson
Bank of the Philippine Islands
SIGNA Sports United

With Cyberint, our team is able to act efficiently on alerts. We are confident the information we receive is validated and enriched to paint a clear picture of our attack surface, a vital aspect of our threat intelligence program. We’ve also managed to heighten visibility to our executive team!

Signa Sports United
Thomas Neumann
Group CTO
SIGNA Sports United

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