Threat Intelligence

Keep one step ahead of your adversaries

Collection & Sources

Argos Edge™ Threat Intelligence platform consists of sophisticated crawlers continuously scanning all layers of the web including the dark, deep, and open web, marketplaces, forums, applications, social media, paste sites, search engines and instant messaging. The depth of the collected intelligence items provides full visibility into the threat landscape against your organization’s brand, business goals, employees, processes, and customers. The collection is fully automated, in near real time and is kept up to date by a dedicated Source Development Team.

Threat Intelligence Contextualization and Enrichment

All collected intelligence items are being curated into Argos™ data lake where they undergo enrichment and contextualization.

Machine learning- based algorithms allow identification of the threat category, severity, and level of confidence, image processing and entity extraction for advanced correlation.

Identified threats are being processed into actionable alerts sent in near real time to the organization threat intelligence, fraud and SOC teams.

Investigations Management

Argos Edge™ supports complex investigations which allows creating a holistic view of threat actors, campaigns and tools. The investigation allows to move from raw intelligence into actionable insights and further into live intelligence operations.