Ransomware & Account Takeovers

Prevent account takeovers (ATOs) and Ransomware with real-time leaked data detection

Argos™ detects leaked credentials before they are even being sold on the dark markets so Cybersecurity teams can prevent the next ATO attack, investigate, and further harden security so another leak is less likely to happen.

9 Bn
Leaked credentials in Argos data lake
New databases added annually
17 M
Exposed credentials detected/month
1.9 M
New malware logs detected/month

How Cyberint Ensures Your Data Recovery

Identify Data Leaks

Data leaks are reported by global organizations every day – each one being larger than the last. With Argos™, security teams can quickly identify these leaked credentials and act swiftly to mitigate their impact.

Detect Exposed Confidential Data

Discover customer credentials leaks on the deep and dark web. Obtain lists of credentials and once confirming their validity, act promptly to reset their credentials and verify that they were not misused.

Reveal Leak Sources

Determine whether your credentials were obtained through a credential stuffing attack, direct file, or data leak. Leverage virtual HUMINT capabilities to confirm from the threat actor how these credentials were obtained.

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Unparalleled visibility into leaked data

Drill into the details of the leaked credentials the passwords detected for each email, the number of times that each combination of email and password was seen, sources of credentials, the first last time they were published.


Internal Information Disclosure

Compromised Employee Credentials

Compromised PII

Malicious Insider

Compromised Customer Credentials

Compromised Access Tokens

Compromised Payment Cards

Cyber security executive, Head Of IT Service A leading Retail company

“Until you use Cyberint and get the real external view they can provide you really don’t have the right understanding of who is trying to attack your organization.”

Cyber security executive, Computer and Network Security Company

“Argos’ “Phishing Detection & Takedown” saves a lot of time when applying for fake website takedowns with one click.”

Bank Leumi, a leading Israeli bank

“With Cyberint we know that we’re in safe hands. The Argos Edge platform provides us with very targeted and accurate alerts to stop cyber-attacks. We also utilize Cyberint’s expert analyst team to help augment our Intelligence needs.”

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