Argos Edge™ Digital Risk
Protection Platform

The Leading SaaS Digital Protection Platform

Argos Edge™ is a multi-tenant, SaaS platform designed to provide optimal digital risk protection to your organization by analyzing your digital attack surface’s potential risks, and for cyber threats targeting your organization from the open, deep, and dark web.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Argos Edge™ provides digital footprint discovery and ongoing monitoring of your organizations’ cloud and external facing assets. Ensuring visibility into assets with severity-based prioritization of issues to address, highlighting related threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.

Threat Intelligence

Argos Edge™ Threat intelligence module continuously collects intelligence items from the open, deep and dark web, providing unparalleled visibility into cybercriminals chatter, underground marketplaces and unlawful activities targeting your organization

Phishing Detection and Remediation

As phishing becomes a major concern for any organization, Cyberint phishing detection module identifies potential phishing targeting your business, its employee and customer, and supports quick remediation.

Forensic Canvas

Argos Edge™ forensic Canvas allows profiling and identification of Threat Actors, deep investigation of tools, tactics, processes (TTP’s) and uncovering of attack infrastructure.