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Argos Edge™ Digital Risk Protection Platform

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Respond in real-time to cyber threats beyond the perimeter

Argos Edge™ is a SaaS-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform that enables security teams to identify and address any existing cyber risk exposures coming from beyond the traditional security perimeters.

Our DRP solution is fully integrated with attack surface monitoring capabilities, with the ability to pivot to real-time threat intelligence. This provides a holistic and proactive approach to thwarting threats beyond the perimeter. The result is complete and superior life cycle protection from a broad range of external threats, based on a three-pronged approach of discovery, monitoring and remediation.

Cyberint’s different modules work together to infuse and enrich the Argos Edge platform, identifying and remediating weaknesses that other solutions cannot detect seamlessly and continuously.

Get Holistic Coverage of
Multiple Business Risk Areas

Digital Footprint
Map the attack surface and weaknesses
Exposed Web Interfaces | Hijackable Subdomains | Website Vulnerabilities | Exposed Cloud Storage | Exploitable Ports | Mail Servers in Blacklist | Server Connected to Botnet | Email Security Issues | Certificate Authority Issues
Identify and remediate phishing attack attempts before they impact
Phishing | Email | Phishing Kit | Phishing Website | Lookalike Domain | Phishing Target List
Safeguard all facets of your online presence
Official Social Media Profile | Impersonation | Intellectual Property Infringement | Unauthorized Trading | Negative Sentiment | Fake Job Posting | Defacement
Ensure ongoing and continuous visibility of threat actor tools
Malicious Files | Reconnaissance | Automated Attack Tools | Business Logic Bypass | Target Lists
Mitigate fraud to ultimately reduce your fraud rate
Refund Fraud | Carding | Coupon Fraud | Money Laundering | Victim Reports | Malicious Insider | Extortion
Data and Ransomware
Identify leaked data and ransomware risks
Ransomware | Compromised PII | Compromised Access Token | Internal Information Disclosure | Malicious Insider | Compromised Payment Cards | Compromised Employee Credentials | Compromised Customer Credentials

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