Phishing Detection
& Remediation

Identify phishing attempts and prevent them before damage is done

Phishing detection

Phishing attempts become a major business concern  as they can lead to sensitive information leaks and overall reputation damage.

Successful phishing attack can convince or trick employees and customers to provide the attackers with initial access which later would be leveraged for targeted cyber and fraud attacks. Argos Edge™ uses multiple methods to identify potential phishing attacks. Among others, Argos Edge™ is monitoring newly registered domains, phishing repositories, phishing kits, phishing emails, traffic monitoring, and employs other proprietary methods to ensure fast and effective detection.

Proactive phishing detection technology

Cyberint developed a proprietary technology capable of proactively detecting phishing sites at the early stages of the campaign.

Check out this Phishing Detection & Take Down Use Case

Phishing remediation and take down

Upon detection of a malicious phishing site, Argos Edge™ initiates a take-down process which involves, as necessary, notification to the relevant providers to remove the misleading content, block domains, and update public blacklists.