Frost & Sullivan Names Cyberint "Company of the Year" in External Risk Mitigation & Management Category


CL0P Ransomware: The Latest Updates

Utilizing common 'steal, encrypt and leak' tactics, victims failing to meet CL0P group ransom demands…
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Cyberint FAQ

The Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions Our Sales Team Get Asked & Their Answers 

From how Cyberint works to what sources we use to the efficacy and speed of…
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The Cybersecurity Risks of .ZIP Domains

The Phishing Risks & Implications of .ZIP Domains

Google's introduction of ZIP top-level domains has ignited a debate about security risks. But are…
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New Emotet Technique

Avoid Taking Shortcuts – New Emotet Technique

Emotet, one of the first Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS), an ever-evolving botnet and banking trojan active since…
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Monthly Cyber Vulnerability Bulletin – November 2021

During the past month, the following notable high-severity vulnerabilities have been observed. It is recommended…
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Atlassian Confluence Server OGNL Injection (CVE-2021-26084)

Cyberint Research – companies using Atlassian Confluence should take immediate action to mitigate the impact…
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PetitPotam – NTLM Relay Attack

PetitPotam is a tool used for NTLM relay attacks that grants threat actors the ability…
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Widespread Website Outages – Fastly CDN

Cyberint Research team takes a look at the recent Fastly CDN outage and how it…
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Colonial Pipeline Incident

Another high-impact and high-profile ransomware incident, 'DarkSide' accepted responsibility for an attack against the US-based…
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Ryuk Crypto-Ransomware

A typical Ryuk attack begins when a user opens a weaponized Microsoft Office document attached…
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Back Me Up – Hacking Android Apps without Root

Noy Pearl of Cyberint on pentesting Android apps that doesn't require root access.
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Threat Hunting with The MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework

Efficient cybersecurity requires a threat-focused vision to ensure business continuity. This blog introduces MITRE ATT&CK…
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