Ransomware Groups Report 2024 – Q1

q1 2024 ransomware report

In Q1 2024, the ransomware industry was down to 1,048 cases. See why, as well as top families and targeted sectors and countries.

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cryptocurrency on the underground

Cryptocurrency on the Underground 

Cryptocurrency has significantly disrupted the economic landscape. But, the market's vulnerabilities & limited oversight allowed…
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the genesis of exodus logs market

The Genesis of “Exodus Logs Market”

There's a new marketplace in town. It goes by the name of "Exodus Market" and…
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Cyber Toufan Al-Aqsa & The Signature IT attack

Cyber Toufan Al-Aqsa Signature-IT Attack

Triggered by the Israeli-Hamas war a new hacking group has emerged, known as “Cyber Toufan…
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Vulnerabilities within law enforcement exposed

Vulnerabilities Within Law Enforcement Exposed 

There is a disturbing trend of police-related breaches worldwide that have been reported in Aug…
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7 best practices for dark web scanning

7 Best Practices for Dark Web Scanning

How can you perform Dark Web scanning effectively? We walk through 7 ways (From Automation…
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why 2023 needs a new approach to dark web monitoring

Why 2023 Requires a New Approach to Dark Web Monitoring 

Dark Web Usage Trends such as increased forum turnover, increased app usage and more requires…
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5 Key Features of Dark Web Monitoring Tools

What is Dark Web Monitoring and what are the 5 key features you need
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A tour of the dark web

Dark web tour: A “sneak peak” into the dark web

See how the ‘dark web’ operates. Learn how to access the dark web and what…
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