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Cyber Threats on Sale – A Black Friday Special Intelligence Report

Threats to the e-commerce industry have increased in the last year as multiple threat actors have complicated their attacking tactics, tools and procedures in order to gain higher efficiency and quick profit. The following report will cover the major threats in the upcoming holiday season and provide critical information and mitigation steps.

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Dark Web Tour - Blog

Dark web tour: A “sneak peak” into the dark web

Get a glimpse into the dark side of the web with this exciting webinar

Venom Control–RAT With a Sting

Over the past year, an allegedly legitimate software company named Venom Control Software emerged, offering…

Desorden Group – The Thai Blitz

The financially motivated Desorden (Disorder in Spanish) group, previously known as “chaoscc”, was first observed…
Are you using Atlassian? You better check if you've been breached

No Service Is Safe – Atlassian Demands Increasing

Compromised Atlassian credentials increased by 337% thus Atlassian services serve as the gateway to the…
Cookie session hijacking

Cookie O’clock

MFA can be bypassed by a small piece of information stored on the local computer…
Atlas Intelligence Group

Atlas Intelligence Group (A.I.G) – The Wrath of a Titan

What makes A.I.G unique compared to all the other groups we’ve seen lately, is its…
GhostSec Raising the Bar

GhostSec Raising the Bar

In June 2022, Cyberint observed a new hacktivist campaign targeting multiple Israeli organizations and enterprises…
Ransomware Landscape Q2

Ransomware Landscape Q2

Although many incidents and stories might stick out when summarizing this quarter, the most important…
XFiles Stealer Campaign Abusing Follina

XFiles Stealer Campaign Abusing Follina

As many threat actors and groups seek to utilize recently discovered vulnerabilities, the Cyberint Research…

BlackGuard Stealer Targets the Gaming Community

BlackGuard is a fairly new info stealer from the end of January 2022 with a…
Atlassian RCE

Atlassian Vulnerability CVE-2022-26134

Over the past weekend, on June 2, Atlassian published a security advisory regarding a zero-day…
New Emotet Technique

Avoid Taking Shortcuts – New Emotet Technique

Emotet, one of the first Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS), an ever-evolving botnet and banking trojan active since…

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