The InfoStealer Lifecycle: A Look At The Attack Process From End-to-End 

Malware is not a new attack vector but, over the past few years, the Cyberint research team was observed a resurgence of this threat. In particular, a specific type of malware known as InfoStealers has become a serious risk.  This blog post will drill down on InfoStealers and discuss the lifecycle of an InfoStealer attack, […]

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ProxyNotShell-Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

ProxyNotShell-Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

On September 29, Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence reported two significant zero-day vulnerabilities being exploited in…
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5 Key Features of Dark Web Monitoring Tools

What is Dark Web Monitoring and what are the 5 key features you need
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SmokeLoader Delivers the New Erbium Stealer

Over the past few months, a new info stealer has emerged developed by an underground…
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Discord – Fundamentals and Threats

In a world where more and more communities and businesses are based on instant messaging…
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LockBit3.0 Leak

Ever since Conti’s leaks, Lockbit overtook the ransomware throne without any intention of going down…
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TikTok Breached by BlueHornet

The breach of the popular social network TikTok occurred, revealing 1.7 billion records and relations…
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Offensive Cyber

Offensive Security Migrates to The Underground

As offensive security companies emerged almost at the same rate as ransomware groups, some states…
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China Taiwan

China-Taiwan Threat Intelligence Landscape

During the past couple of months, the tension between China and Taiwan increased dramatically, the…
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Dark Web Tour - Blog

Dark web tour: A “sneak peak” into the dark web

Get a glimpse into the dark side of the web with this exciting webinar
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Venom Control–RAT With a Sting

Over the past year, an allegedly legitimate software company named Venom Control Software emerged, offering…
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Desorden Group – The Thai Blitz

The financially motivated Desorden (Disorder in Spanish) group, previously known as “chaoscc”, was first observed…
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Are you using Atlassian? You better check if you've been breached

No Service Is Safe – Atlassian Demands Increasing

Compromised Atlassian credentials increased by 337% thus Atlassian services serve as the gateway to the…
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