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US Threat Landscape in 2023

The U.S. Threat Landscape in 2023

From info stealers to ransomware we cover the latest TTPs targeting US businesses. We look…
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Vulnerabilities within law enforcement exposed

Vulnerabilities Within Law Enforcement Exposed 

There is a disturbing trend of police-related breaches worldwide that have been reported in Aug…
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7 best practices for dark web scanning

7 Best Practices for Dark Web Scanning

How can you perform Dark Web scanning effectively? We walk through 7 ways (From Automation…
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The MSSP Buyer Guide to Threat Intelligence and EASM Services

The MSSP Buyer Guide to Threat Intelligence and EASM Services 

What do MSSPs stand to gain by using a Threat Intelligence Solution and what to…
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The Five Families Telegram Channel

New Cyber Alliance: The Five Families Telegram Channel 

Cyberint discovered a new Telegram channel called "The Five Families," joining together 5 distinct threat…
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desorden group

Desorden Group – The Summer 2023 Update

The financially motivated Desorden (Disorder in Spanish) group, previously known as “chaoscc”, was first observed…
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Android Malware starter pack

Chapter 1: Android Malware Starters Pack

We review the fundamentals of Android threats to understand what’s under the hood of Android…
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Qakbot taken down

Qakbot Banking Trojan

A notorious Banking Trojan designed to steal account credentials and online banking session information leading…
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Phishing Takedowns

Why Phishing Takedowns Can Be Hard, and How to Simplify Them

Phishing Takedowns are more challenging than many think – speed, language and volume are often…
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cvss 4.0

CVSS 4.0 Is Coming Soon: What Security Leaders Need To Know 

To mitigate CVSS 3.1 challenges and up efficacy, a new version of CVSS is scheduled…
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Whose Behind the Cloak: Cloak Ransomware

Cloak Ransomware: Who’s Behind the Cloak?   

A new ransomware group has emerged, Cloak Ransomware. Learn about their TTPs, recent attacks and…
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GhostSec Iranian Surveillance Software

GhostSec’s Revelation of Iranian Surveillance Software 

GhostSec has reported a successful breach of the FANAP Behnama software, which they describe as…
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