Our Q3 Ransomware Report is out!

LockBit3.0 Leak

Ever since Conti’s leaks, Lockbit overtook the ransomware throne without any intention of going down anytime soon

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#OpJerusalem 2022

Following the #OpIsrael campaign that culminated on April 7th, an additional campaign named #OpJerusalem which…

Long Live The New King – Is Breached.co the New RaidForums?

For the past five years the notorious RaidForums had been one, if not the main…
Info Stealers Ecosystem Introduction

Info Stealers Ecosystem Introduction

Info Stealers are one of the most popular malware types being used in the wild…
BlueHornet – One APT to Terrorize Them All

BlueHornet – One APT to Terrorize Them All

One thing that we’ve learned from the Russia-Ukraine conflict is that the cybersecurity and the…
OpIsrael Campaign 2022

#OpIsrael Campaign 2022

It’s that time of the year: April 7th will mark the annual cyber threat campaign…
Ransomware Landscape Report Q1 2022

Ransomware Landscape Q1 2022

The first quarter of 2022 will be remembered as one of the most interesting quarters…

The Next Log4Shell? Spring4Shell Hitting Waves.

A new vulnerability was found in the Spring Core module of the Spring Framework. This…
Protect from Phishing Attacks

Five Steps to Protect Your Organization against Phishing Attacks

Staying ahead of cybercriminals requires proactive and strategic security measures
Lapsus$ Group

Rookie Of The Year – Lapsus$ Group

LAPSUS$ compromising major organizations such as NVIDIA, Vodafone, Samsung Microsoft, LG and Okta
Conti Best Practices

Conti’s 12 Commandments of Cyber Security

Cyberint’s research team shed light on cyber security instructions for new members recruited to the…
Conti Ransomware Leaks

To Be CONTInued? Conti Ransomware Heavy Leaks

Conti has suffered immeasurable damage caused by this massive leak, both professionally
stand with ukraine

Historical Cyber Warfare – Russia vs Ukraine

Cyber aspect of the conflict includes every type of warfare, including state-sponsored groups, ransomware groups,…

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