Forrester Highlights Cyberint As Emerging DRP Solution In Growth Stage

Forrester maintains that DRP solutions allows security pros to prevent, “breaches of trust, such as fraud, data theft, and other, more insidious cyberactivity occurring on social, deep, and dark digital channels.”

The digital risk protection (DRP) market is taking off and we’re proud to report that CyberInt was announced as emerging DRP solution in Growth Stage in the newly released Forrester report.

According to Forrester, Venture Capitalists have invested nearly $500 million in DRP since 2013. With persistent monitoring and facilitated remediation, these solutions facilitate security professionals in effectively monitoring their growing digital footprints and mitigating related risks.

With valuable accounts, assets, and apps on digital channels vulnerable to all types of attacks and abuse, and as digitalization spreads throughout organizations, security professionals are continuing to look for dedicated solutions to better monitor and mitigate their digital risks.

In guiding decision making around technology, Forrester showcases the emerging class of DRP solutions including:

  • Monitoring digitally exposed infrastructure and assets – DRP solutions replicate the attacker’s view of a firm’s externally visible digital infrastructure, helping security leaders assess their vast networks of systems, applications, and access points to protect their most susceptible targets.
  • Minimizing an organization’s mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) issues – MTTR includes four components: time to identify, know, fix, and validate. These tools incorporate advanced risk analytics for more accurate threat detection and scoring – automating mitigation actions to improve the speed and effectiveness of responses (such as takedown requests).
  • Strengthening customers’ trust in the brand – DRP solutions prevent breaches of trust, such as fraud, data theft, as well as more insidious cyber activity occurring on social media and the dark web.

3 Core DRP Objectives

Vendors’ strategic decisions typically align with one of 3 core DRP functions: mapping, monitoring, and mitigating.

  • Digital footprint mapping tools track firms’ digital assets and infrastructure. In managing systems, devices, and other externally facing digital assets, DRP solutions provide the attacker’s view of the assets, including valid and invalid web domains and IP addresses, as well as digital and physical infrastructure and access points.
  • DRP tools uncover an organization’s digital risk exposure. DRP solutions monitor secure, private, or otherwise hard-to-reach digital channels to uncover potential cyber threats, fraudulent activity, and stolen data. They also support investigations and analysis through automated workflows and risk attribution.
  • DRP tools prevent or resolve attempts to abuse a firm’s digital presence. Primarily monitoring externally owned online channels helping organizations identify legitimate and fraudulent digital points of presence (PoPs), DRP tools enforce technical controls to prevent malicious compromise of legitimate PoPs while identifying fraudulent ones.

The Race is On

There aren’t yet clear winners in the DRP market. Vendors are still heavily investing resources back into product development and market expansion. Forrester identifies three characteristics that will determine long-term market success:

  • Financial strength driving innovation. The amount of financial resources invested in products and organizations is a key indicator for success at an early stage of the market.
  • Length of time competing in the market reflects expertise. Veteran vendors with a record of high customer retention have demonstrated that they understand the underlying risk and compliance issues driving enterprise requirements.
  • Commitment to data collection, analytics, and partners shows increased relevance. Leaders in the DRP market will differentiate themselves with better risk detection, analysis, and the ability to streamline remediation action on behalf of customers.

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