Cyberint Joins R-CISC Community to Bolster U.S. Retail Cyber Security

TEL AVIV, Israel and WASHINGTON, September 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ 

Cyberint, a leader in advanced digital risk protection and managed detection and response services, recently became an Associate Member of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center.

R-CISC is a cybersecurity community of U.S.-based retailers and consumer-facing companies that serves as the conduit for collaboration, threat intelligence-sharing, and cooperation. R-CISC’s programs, partnerships, products, and opportunities make it the premier information-sharing source for cybersecurity risk management for the retail sector.

Cyberint provides critical intelligence and insights to protect brands and their customers from ongoing threats by taking an “outside-in” approach, investigating online activities and assets from an attacker’s perspective.

“Our motto is ‘Strength Through Collaboration’ since all retailers face similar threats and threat actors,” said Jennifer McGoldrick-Stenberg, Director of Membership & Operations, R-CISC. “The R-CISC serves as a portal to the best and brightest of cybersecurity professionals, enabling members to work collaboratively to address and mitigate these common risks.”

The combination of CyberInt’s Argos™ technology platform  and its cyber expert analyst team provides validated alerts and highly automated, real-time responses – eliminating potential threats before they become crises. They deliver comprehensive digital risk protection, including managed services such as mSOC, threat hunting, deep-dive investigations, and risk and business impact assessments to provide holistic end-to-end protection for digital businesses in retail and other industries.

“Joining the R-CISC community is a great opportunity to share our outside-in approach with more players in the U.S. retail market,” said Amir Ofek, CEO, CyberInt. “Collaborative alliances such as this are essential for sharing crucial information. In the Wild West of the Internet, it’s best if the good guys band together to fight the threats.”

About CyberInt
Recently recognized as one of the 20 most promising enterprise security solution providers for 2018 by CIOReview, Cyberint eliminates potential threats before they become crises by looking at all online activities and digital assets from an attacker’s perspective and provides managed detection and response services to customers worldwide. Leveraging ArgosTM real-time digital risk protection platform with a global cyber expert analyst team, as well as managed SOC, threat hunting, deep dive investigations, real-time incident response and risk and business impact assessment services,  CyberInt provides holistic end-to-end protection to digital businesses in retail, ecommerce, gaming and financial industries.

About R-CISC
The R-CISC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers, consumer products, grocers, hotels, gaming, restaurants, consumer financial services and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide. The RCISC supports its member base, representing more than $1 trillion in annual revenue, by serving as the conduit for collaboration, cooperation, and threat and best-practice sharing. Through building and sustaining valuable programs, partnerships, products and opportunities, the R-CISC enables its members to deepen their trust-based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. For more information on the R-CISC and how to join, visit Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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