BlackHat London 2016: Your opportunity to check how exposed your company is to digital threats

For four days at the start of November 2016, Europe’s top cybersecurity professionals and researchers will gather in London for Black Hat Europe.

While many of the briefings at Black Hat will be centered on flashy vulnerabilities in mobile or new exploit kits, we’ll be in attendance to discuss two of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities that companies aren’t necessarily talking about: your supply chain and your business’ digital exposure.

Online marketing, particularly social media could be Your Biggest Vulnerability

When companies are reviewing potential flaws in their cybersecurity efforts, they often overlook a very obvious source of cyber threats.

A recently conducted study by the Federation of Small Businesses found 66% of its members have been victims of cyber attacks over the past two years. Majority of these attacks were social engineering scams such as phishing (49%) and spear phishing (37%).

In the age where people share their entire lives online, it is paramount that companies start educating their staff on the importance of online privacy and dangers of oversharing information online. Businesses also need to make sure their employees are on high alert for things like emails they receive pretending to be from a trustworthy source (such as a  bank or a client) asking for sensitive information including passwords or log-in details. This is where the importance of online privacy kicks in because criminals may turn to social media for personal details to tailor their approach as much as possible to individuals they target.

Aside from being a great source of information for attackers to social engineer and plot their next attack, social media networks have also become a favourite attack vector for penetrating organizations. Utilizing the outreach and trustworthiness created by these platforms, attackers plant malicious links that spread malware or collect victims’ credentials through a phishing campaign.

Your Supply Chain Cybersecurity Gap

Mitigating vulnerabilities caused by internal human error is important. However, the same human errors that create internal vulnerabilities are creating vulnerabilities for your supply chain partners, too.

To address these concerns, 94% of supply chain leaders say that cybersecurity standards are important when it comes to choosing an SME supplier. However, only two-thirds of these leaders require proof of cybersecurity accountability before collaborating with an SME—and less than 25% of SME leaders hold cybersecurity among their top concerns.

This contradiction between knowing how vulnerable supply chains are and the lack of execution when it comes to securing them is why now is the time to rethink the way you measure third-party risk.

As outsourcing and partnerships with third parties in the supply chain continue to surge and more data is shared, simply trusting your supply chain partners is no longer sufficient.

Tools are required  to continuously monitor third-party vendors, partners and suppliers as supply chains evolve and hackers grow increasingly adept at finding holes in them.

How Secure Is Your Organization? Get 2 Free Health Checks during Black Hat!

Getting your free assessment is easy: Visit our booth #107 or send us data prior to the show. We will show you (and only you) exactly how exposed are you to substantial risks and what could be done about it.

Online Business Exposure check:  It  literally takes us less than one minute to check how exposed your organization is on social media, phishing sites and other internet sources.

Our solution will first look for URLs which resemble the name of your company and scan them to see if they are dodgy. It will then do the same on Facebook and check if the pages you own (and even the ones you don’t but that mention you) have malicious links in them. We will then check our database for appearance of credentials belonging to your company and finally scan all sub domains of the company to verify presence of any risks that may impact your employees, prospects, and brands.

Supply Chain Risk Impact check: Susan’ will gladly show you how CyberInt’s newly launched product assesses your 3rd party vendors and provides a risk score of how vulnerable these vendors make your business.

Our new supply chain risk management solution can help you be more proactive about securing your supply chain, rather than just worrying about partners and hoping for the best.

With Susan you will get ratings for Vendor Risk which will enable you to make data-driven decisions regarding where to allocate resources to mitigate risk. Once such a risk is exposed, Susan takes action immediately, and reports it back to you, while our team will provide you with mitigation actions to help you and your and team with the implementation.

So, if you’re heading to Black Hat Europe on November 1, make sure you meet up with the CyberInt team at booth 107.

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