Cyber Security Europe at IP EXPO Europe is Fast Approaching – 7-8 October, London ExCel

Are you #CybeReady?

Join CyberInt at booth A13 to see where #cybersecurity is headed. 

The event has an impressive lineup of speakers, with Nir Zuk, CTO and Founder of Palo Alto Networks, Phil Zimmermann, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Silent Circle and Mikko Hyponnen Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, rehearsing as we write these lines.

And if that isn’t enough, here are 3 more good reasons to join us:

Reason 1: CyberInt’s CTO,  Shay Priel, and CMO Elad Ben Meir, will run a live demo to illustrate how exposed we really are –  “How Exposed Are We? The Power of OSINT”. In the presentation, they’ll show the tools (some known and some less so) used by cybercriminals to get to our data. It’s going to be fascinating! 

7th October, 13:40 at the Threat Intelligence Theater

Reason 2:  CyberInt’s booth will be packed with our cyber experts waiting and wanting to demonstrate how we ensure our customers are #cybeready and protected beyond the perimeter.

As we are aware, malware, spyware and viruses are now the least of a company’s worries. Businesses need a far more intelligent solution which is able to respond to threats in real-time. There is also a need to secure more than simply a company’s website. 

For cybersecurity to be effective it needs to adapt to the challenges posed by a growing digital footprint. What’s needed is an all-encompassing approach which covers everything from a company’s social media profiles to their company blog. 

Our experts will present how CyberInt’s CybeReadiness Suite and the Argos platform combat cyberthreats.

Reason 3: Lastly, You can win a scooter! We’ll be running a Tshirt & Twitter combo competition. For more details, drop by our stand. 

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CyberInt will be there, will you?

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