CyberInt Partners with Webroot to Amplify Protection Beyond the Perimeter

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just joined forces with Webroot, effectively announcing our new partnership that raises the volume and breadth of our protection beyond the perimeter.

Our Argos Intelligence PlatformTM protects customers beyond their network perimeter by collecting cyber intelligence in real-time and continuously monitoring their online assets for malicious activities.

Argos will now integrate Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services into its platform, providing additional predictive intelligence on URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps — allowing for better protection of activities beyond the perimeter and mitigating advanced cyber attacks before they happen.

This partnership gives customers a very robust offering, better intelligence, and increases our coverage in protecting companies beyond their perimeters.

“The recent spate of high-profile security breaches has highlighted to businesses the importance of improving their defenses from cyber attacks and taking a more proactive approach to mitigate threats…CyberInt allows companies to get targeted threat intelligence from various sources beyond the perimeter, and in real-time, while Webroot enhances the data and provides additional attribution.”

— Noa Keren Haran,

VP Product Management at CyberInt

“CyberInt has chosen Webroot as its security intelligence partner to create a powerful, effective solution for stopping malicious traffic at the network edge…Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services deliver truly differentiated cybersecurity data that is superior to static lists and crowd-sourced data.”

— Mike Malloy

Executive Vice President of Products and Strategy at Webroot

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