FireLayers and CyberInt Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Protection Beyond the Perimeter

FireLayers is Boosting Our Value Proposition

CyberInt’s Advanced Cyber Threat Protection, which masters threat visibility and control — is now enhanced by FireLayers’ Enterprise Security in the Cloud.

CyberInt’s Value Proposition

We look beyond the perimeter and provide constant vigilance of cyber activities. By assessing threat factors from the attacker’s perspective, we eliminate potential threats before they become crises. Our expertise in cyber intelligence and protection of online activities, all of which sprouts from an ‘outside-in’ focal point —  defends companies of any size and nature.

The FireLayers’ Synergy

FireLayers is a pioneer in cloud application security — giving enterprises complete control (with XACML-based granular policies). FireLayers enables responsible cloud adoption, delivering the security, compliance and governance organizations can rely on to safely enable any user, to use any device to access any cloud application

“This partnership enables us to offer customers a defense in depth strategy that will help them make the most of their cloud deployments. The threat intelligence of Cyberint is a perfect complement to the visibility and controls FireLayers provides, pairing accurate risk assessments with appropriate mitigation actions to keep cloud activity both appropriate and secure.”
Ofer Smadari, VP of Global Sales and Business Development, FireLayers.

The goal of our new partnership with FireLayers is to offer enterprises a comprehensive solution that allows the enterprise to maintain proactive cybersecurity processes and compliance levels as they adopt and move information into cloud applications and increase their digital footprint.

The Most Intelligent Cloud Security

Combining our real-time and incident-specific threat intelligence with FireLayers’ produces an ability for enterprises to maintain complete control over their cloud apps, while staying one step ahead of the attackers with the real-time and contextual threat intelligence that CyberInt actualizes by monitoring all online activities surrounding the cloud apps.

Tools Provided by the Partnership

Enterprises can use the combined solution to:

  • Strengthen security levels – leverage advanced intelligence to gain insights into imminent threats and proactively take action to protect against attacks, such as account takeovers, session and credential theft and data exfiltration.
  • Ensure appropriate usage – assure the identity of users accessing cloud applications and enforce granular policies to ensure appropriate use of online assets; monitor ongoing activity to be able to identify, understand and immediately correct any changes in the environment.
  • Address compliance requirements – maintain consistent policies and security within cloud applications; identify sensitive (regulated) data residing in cloud applications and ensure appropriate controls are in place to maintain their privacy, integrity and sovereignty; gain detailed usage reporting that supports auditing and forensics activities.
“The Cyberint, FireLayers relationship offers unprecedented protection beyond the legacy perimeter. Together, customers have access to contextual cyber threat intelligence in real-time, advanced threat protection, and granular controls they need to protect their users and data beyond their perimeter and in the cloud. This is a first of a kind offering for all applications and activities outside of the network’s perimeters, allowing our customers to mitigate threats before they materialize to actual incidents”
Raz Alon, SVP Partnerships and Co-Founder of Cyberint.

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