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Introducing Argos 2.0

Our Protection Beyond the Perimeter Just Got Smarter

Business assets that lie beyond the perimeter are becoming the most popular attack vector for today’s cyber attacks. While adversaries continue to flourish in their underground forums.

Argos 2.0 embodies our top-of-the-line threat intelligence indicators which are now even more synched with your business assets and online engagements.


Our new release is aligned with CyberInt’s strategy of full protection beyond the perimeter and comes with enhanced coverage and profound user experience.

The Argos 2.0 platform was designed and built upon our (and our customers’) analysts’ methodologies, research needs, requirements, and workflows. Supporting many more data sources, allowing the system to on-board and contain larger volumes of data, faster configuration, and overall optimization.

Key Features of Argos 2.0 Include:

  • A brand new, uplifted and intuitive user interface.
  • An enhanced scoring engine that relies on Machine Learning algorithms and enhanced Ontology design.
  • Automated Analysts Workflow
  • Optimized On-boarding for New Sources

This release will be followed by our next few product releases, all of which are centered on tightening up the overall protection beyond the perimeter, into a unified enterprise suite.

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