CyberInt Finishes 2017 Strong: Marking Its 2nd Consecutive Year of Over 100% Growth

As 2017 ends and 2018 starts, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on CyberInt’s great progress over the past year. I am sure every CEO feels the rollercoaster of emotions as each year brings about the company’s achievements and challenges. So, as we are about to enter a New Year, I would like to take a step back and acknowledge CyberInt’s amazing year.  My intention here is not to boast, rather to celebrate and be grateful for our team and customers for these great accomplishments we have achieved.

2017 in Perspective

2017 marks our 2nd consecutive year with over 100% growth, and a period, in which we were also able to maintain 100% customer retention. This acknowledges both the great need in the market for our Digital Managed Detection and Response offering, as well as CyberInt’s ability to build long term relationships with our customers and become their trusted advisors, which is at the core of our being.

The times we live in are changing, businesses are trying to navigate through our ever-changing digital landscape. Amidst these changes, digitalization is continuously changing the threat landscape and we urge our customers to focus on growing their business, while we focus on securing it. We strive to keep that promise. As an example, in 2017, fraudsters tried to take advantage of the weaknesses introduced by digitalization. However, CyberInt has been a step ahead of them, saving our retail customers over $100M in potential fraudulent losses over the course of the year.

Social media and online presence has been a key factor in changing the way organizations are conducting their communications. Its speed of growth, as well as the increasing reliance individuals place on it, makes it a key target for organized cyber-crime. With the help of CyberInt’s Argos platform, we managed to identify in real-time and remove hundreds of phishing sites and social media pages.

A Year of Firsts and New Beginnings

This was a year of many “Firsts” for us at CyberInt. We opened our NYC office, and secured our first US clients – one of them being a Fortune 1000 retailer. We launched our first partnership with an MSSP, a leading MSSP in Asia. All while growing our activities and supporting existing and new clients across Europe and Asia.

In addition, we’ve launched two new Argos modules this year: Email Threat Management (ETM) module, detecting email Phishing and Spoofing, and our Mobile Threat Management module, detecting fake and malicious apps, as well as other mobile threat vectors.

We also enhanced our dashboarding to drive better detection insights, and our machine learning capabilities. These newly developed advanced machine learning algorithms produce significant cyber-related indicators allowing improved detection and further analysis to extract additional intelligence and insights on threats.

This year we consolidated our products into what is now one of the most comprehensive Managed Detection and Response platforms for digital and online businesses. As a Digital MDR vendor, CyberInt does not only offer the ability to respond to threats in real-time, but to take it a step further, and detect and respond to threats on our customers’ digital channels before they actually breach their network.

What I am most excited about this year is the continued growth of CyberInt’s amazing expert team. We take great pride in welcoming new team members to our CyberInt family. In 2017 we saw a 50% increase in CyberInt employees across the globe. We also formed a new research group, led by some of the best security researchers in the industry, who analyzed dozens of attack tools, new attack techniques and various campaigns.

Speaking of growth, we were also honored to be selected for the 2017 Deloitte Israel Technology Fast 50 List, as the 5th fastest growing cyber company in Israel.

CyberInt Embraces Cyber Security Challenges for 2018

We are dealing with an overwhelming increase in attacks which have only increased in their complexity. As organizations drive forward their omni-channel strategies and grow their digital and online activities, CyberInt’s Digital Managed Detection and Response will be there to help them address their Cyber, Fraud and Brand threats.

Working closely with our customers, I am confident 2018 is going to be an exciting year, as we introduce more innovative detection and response capabilities through our ever-evolving Argos platform, and as we support many new clients.

The CyberInt family is here to help you grow your business, as we focus on securing it!

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