Beyond Digital Risk Protection: Meet the Experts

Meet our experts

Cyberint’s analysts proactively engage with threat actors on underground channels in order to gather additional information as part of deep dive investigations, and provide the context required to mitigate a threat in the most effective way.

We thought we would introduce you to some of the team and let you in on some of the things they get up to here at Cyberint.

shhhh…. we promise not to give ALL our secrets away…..


Yochai Corem, our CEO reveals the results of our threat intelligence survey.

Cyberint ran a survey of over 100 organizations asking what benefit they see in running a threat intelligence program. The outcome was interesting with a trend of two very clear answers. Watch to find out what they were:


Avital tells us how she saved her client £1-1.5M using an avatar speaking to the Russian threat actor in his language. She thwarted a gift card fraud scheme using student discounts that she discovered on the Dark Web. Watch to find out the full story.


Carding is when threat actors purchase online goods using stolen credit card details. Threat actors want to order physical goods with these credit cards because these have higher margins when resold. BUT they want to remain anonymous.

That’s where reshipping fraud comes in. Yonatan shares information on mule reshipping fraud which has been on the rise since the beginning of Covid 19 and how threat intelligence can help prevent it. Watch now:


Anastasia tells us how Cyberint reduced the amount of fraudulent refund requests significantly for their retail client. She details the process of using avatars to verify the threat actor and check their legitimacy. The team created a test environment and a test purchase in order to fully understand the fraudulent workflow and expose the threat actor in action. Watch the full story now.


Doron tells us about the time he discovered a reverse shell targeting a large media company. The risk of this reverse shell was that it would be used for data extraction and privilege escalation. Watch now to find out the full story:


Yuval explains how she came across a YouTube video of a threat actor exposing her customer’s internal information including servers, logs, and other sensitive data.  She explains what was done to mitigate the threat and contain the risk. Watch the video now:


Mara reveals that while many think the motives of threat actors is financial gain, in many cases it’s more about knowledge and power. She explains how to communicate threats in a balanced way so that customers can make rational decisions based on data and not on feelings.

Watch to learn how Cyberint’s threat intelligence team navigates through the threat landscape so that clients don’t have to.

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