What to look forward to at Infosec 2017

Infosecurity Europe  attracts the brightest minds in cybersecurity, with more than 13,500 people expected to attend this year’s conference. Held this Tuesday through Thursday, June 6-8, Infosec will offer more than 200 conference sessions on the latest cybersecurity threats, insights from the industry, and effective business and security strategies.

How exposed are you in your digital ecosystem? Come to CyberInt booth K86 to find out!

Throughout Infosec, we will run a daily demo at booth K86, demonstrating how the digital transformation leaves all organizations more exposed to cyber risks than ever.

Using CyberInt’s CyberScore platform, we will generate cyber assessment reports that map out your digital footprint, giving you a better understanding of the risks you are facing and what could be done about them.

CyberScore automatically scans your digital assets along with your third-party vendors, providing you with what we call a Cyber Posture score. To achieve that result, CyberScore “auto-discovers” a company’s online assets, including IP addresses, domains, sub-domains, social network accounts and ASNs. CyberScore then scans these assets with numerous modules to calculate the Cyber Posture score for each vendor.

At the end of each CyberScore demonstration, we will generate a free assessment report for any visitor who provides their company email address. If that’s not enticement enough to visit booth K86, at the end of every demo we will raffle a prize: a Max LP turntable that not only plays vinyl records but also converts the music into digital files.

Must Attend Sessions for Digital Businesses

  • Steve Armstrong from @LogicallySecure will explore ways to build an IR capability to meet modern threats with GDPR
  • Jamie Cresdee from @cisco will dive into ways of simplifying your security management
  • Raza Rizvi @activereach will demonstrate how to plan and Prepare for a DDoS Attack, with three real-life case studies
  • Jonathan Stevenson @cisco will talk about defending against threats that you currently cannot address.
  • Detection and Response for digital businesses by Elad Ben-Meir @cyberint

Detection and Response for Digital Businesses

I’ll have the privilege of speaking at InfoSec. On Thursday, at 10 a.m. in the technology showcase area. I’ll explain the importance of managed detection and response services for digital businesses.

As businesses continue to unlock the potential of digital transformation, cybersecurity leaders are beginning to look at their security environment through a digital lens. They’re moving away from the longstanding “prevent” mindset, to one that is more focused on rapid detection and response capabilities.

Being digital means having many digital channels, but that also means businesses have something new to be concerned about: digital risk. Look no further than retail, an industry that is seeing an increased frequency and a greater breadth of cyber attacks. Despite retail being a big target, a CyberInt analysis showed that even the biggest retailers are not keeping up with the growing need for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. We ran a scan of the top 500 websites on Alexa and discovered that more than 50% of these high-traffic websites (including many prominent online retailers) are spoofable. Many of the top-ranking websites were also highly vulnerable to subdomain takeover.

And it’s not just retailers that have to worry. Any organization that relies only on prevention cybersecurity isn’t doing enough. While a prevention layer is still necessary to halt most commoditized threats, organizations can no longer rely on a prevention layer alone. A determined attacker will find a way to breach even the most secure system.

Detection and response technology searches for the threats that have already snuck past your defenses and then formulates an appropriate response. Organizations sometimes don’t recognize they have been breached until months after the fact, and then it is already too late and the damage has been done.

To address this growing need to cover digital risk, there is now a new breed of service providers that are focused on detecting digital risk blind spots. Digital MDRs are focused on protecting businesses from cyber threats by comprehensively and continuously monitoring risk across digital channels: social, mobile and web.

See You at Infosec

See you at Infosec! Stop by booth K86, where we’ll conduct a CyberScore scan of your business’ vendors. And you can try your luck at winning that Max LP turntable.

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