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Rapid acceleration of digital transformation is happening today across customer experience, cloud environments, processes and operations in digital enterprises of all industries. Unfortunately, this is an ideal environment for malicious threat actors to expose and leak data, exploit vulnerabilities, execute phishing and ransomware attacks, and many other cybersecurity threats. Cyberint protects your organization across hybrid IT environments both during and after transformation, continually assessing your cyber resilience and mitigating against threats so that you can focus on the core aspects of digital transformation.

Digital Risk protection for Digital Enterprises

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Why Digital Enterprises Choose Cyberint

Mitigate data and code leakage
Prevent cybercriminals from accessing your network, installing malware, executing phishing and ransomware attacks and even modifying sensitive company data.
Protect your organization across hybrid and Shadow IT environments
Detect malicious activities in your digital and cloud environment and secure it for further migration critical for business continuity.
Get actionable alerts on threats and vulnerabilities
Our complete life cycle protection includes discovery, monitoring and remediation of a broad range of threats to your digital enterprise.

Cyberint DIgital Risk Protection is comprised of a technology platform and managed services, addressing key concerns with the main threat-centric use cases.

Data Leakage

PII and PCI data of millions of customers, employees, and even payment cards are continually leaked on the dark web. Unless removed, they continue to pose a threat to your digital enterprise and brand.

Account takeover

Stolen data can expose the PII data of millions of customers, leading to account takeover. Threat actors with access to customer account credentials can then use it to make purchases or other digital transactions.


Phishing attacks pose risks of account takeover, unauthorized access, brand reputation damage, user data compromise, and destroy the reputation of even the most well-established digital enterprises.

Brand abuse and impersonation

The impact of brand abuse includes the loss of sales, possible lawsuits, reduced product value due to fraudulent competition, and more.

Attack tools

Automated attack tools designed to target your digital enterprise and customers are getting easier to implement for even the most non-technical attackers. Sometimes they can even bypass company business logic as well.

Cloud infrastructure exposure

Cybercriminals virtually lurk around the cloud infrastructure of leading digital enterprises to find vulnerabilities to prepare for and execute their next cyberattack.

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