Attack Surface

Identify your unprotected assets first

Monitoring your attack surface

Argos Edge™ attack surface monitoring provides automatic and full visibility into your digital presence uncovering known and unknown assets and access points.

Once identified, the module scans them for security issues and vulnerabilities providing time-based trending insights into your digital presence posture and gives step by step recommendations to reduce your digital attack surface.  

Attack surface monitoring ensures ongoing and continuous visibility into how your organization is perceived, from the outside in, by potential adversaries.

Ongoing discovery of new assets

We run our own independent asset discovery algorithm. The discovery is a continuous, non-intrusive automatic process. Each asset detected is automatically verified and vetted to minimize false positives. Assets that are part of your digital presence are then scanned for security issues and are used to validate the next iteration of asset discovery.

Identify security issues

The ongoing scans detect configuration issues, vulnerabilities and threats. In addition, Argos Edge™ Digital Presence module includes a tracking system that provides you with the ability to manage and handle identified issues and assets – assign issues, track their status, and focus on and  address the most critical  issues first. 

Each issue detected is being tracked and automatically updated on an ongoing basis to allow a close follow up on each issue’s lifecycle from detection to resolution.


Argos Edge™ Attack Surface Monitoring module comes with reporting capabilities including ad-hoc reports for your entire attack surface. The module continuously tracks those issues that are unresolved, meaning less noise and distraction. Attack Surface Monitoring allows historical snapshots of the issues found and their handling status.